SK Hynix Successfully Developed the Industry’s first HBM3 DRAM Memory Chip

SK Hynix Successfully Developed the Industry's first HBM3 DRAM Memory Chip

SK Hynix HBM3 DRAM Memory Chip

Today SK Hynix announced that has successfully developed the industry’s first HBM3 DRAM memory chip. The product can be packaged next to CPU and GPU cores and uses a multi-layer stacking process to achieve much higher storage density and bandwidth than traditional memory sticks.

HBM DRAM is now in its fourth generation, and HBM3 further increases the capacity and bandwidth per chip. Hynix says it will begin mass production of HBM2E memory in July 2020, making it one of the first companies in the world to mass-produce such chips.

SK Hynix’s latest HBM3 chips have a maximum capacity of 24GB per chip and a maximum bandwidth of 819GB/s, an increase of 78% compared to HBM2E, which can transfer 163 HD movies of 5GB capacity in one second. In addition, the product also supports on-chip ECC error correction for significantly higher reliability. The HBM3 memory is available in 16GB and 24GB versions in 8- and 12-layer stacks with 2GB per layer. The chips are then stacked together using TSV silicon through-hole technology for the final package.

The chip can be used for high-performance CPUs, or dedicated computing accelerator cards, which can significantly improve the performance of artificial intelligence and machine learning operations, helping scientific research, drug development, climate change analysis, etc.


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