Redmi Watch 2 Renderings in Tricolour Exposed While Official Made 1st Announcement

Redmi Watch 2 Renderings

Redmi Watch 2 Renderings

The Redmi Note11 was officially announced on Redmi’s official Weibo account this morning, but Redmi is bringing more than just one new product to the event. In the afternoon, Redmi announced another product that will be released together with this event is Redmi Watch 2.

From the official poster, the Redmi Watch 2 has a large screen design this time, and the screen-to-body ratio has improved significantly compared to its predecessor, which will also give users a better sense of view. In addition to the larger screen ratio, the official highlights of other features are sports health, experience, and charging, which are all concerns of smartwatch users and the core of a smartwatch.

Besides the official announcement, while sharing Redmi Watch 2 renderings in three colorways, Digital Chat Station said it’s an entry-level “large bracelet”, a larger and better screen, and functions such as exercise recording, health monitoring, and waterproofing.

Redmi Watch 2 renderings, the Redmi Watch 2 continues its square design, with a larger and more vibrant screen. The buttons on the right side are also larger, and the design has been changed from top to center, with a significant improvement in refinement.

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