MediaTek MTK M80 5G Modem with R16 Standard Released to Power Dimensity 2000

MediaTek MTK M80 5G Modem with R16 Standard

MediaTek MTK M80 5G Modem with R16 Standard

In today’s MediaTek communication meeting, MediaTek announced a new generation of 5G modem MTK M80, based on the latest 3GPP 5G R16 standard, support multi-carrier aggregation, is expected to the next Dimensity 2000 is expected to use this baseband.

From MediaTek’s official website, the M80 5G data chip supports ultra-high 5G transmission rates, with a maximum downlink rate of 7.67 Gbps and a maximum uplink rate of 3.76 Gbps in both SA and NSA networks, making it the fastest technology in the industry.

The M80 also features industry-leading technologies such as dual 5G SIM cards, dual 5G NSA and SA networks, and dual VoNR, providing users with a high-speed 5G experience. The MTK M80 5G data chip has been tested following industry standards and is expected to be available for customer sampling in upcoming months, providing global telecom and telecom equipment companies with a full range of radio access technology support, including:

The M80 5G data chip integrates MediaTek’s 5G UltraSave power-saving technology to enhance power-saving optimization. 5G UltraSave intelligently detects the network environment and identifies OTA content to dynamically adjust power configuration and operating frequency based on the network environment.

The M80 also integrates dynamic bandwidth regulation (BWP) technology to automatically configure low bandwidth or high bandwidth to meet the different demands of data delivery, optimizing bandwidth usage to the maximum extent. In addition, the M80 also supports C-DRX energy-saving management technology, which can automatically switch between boot and sleep states to reduce communication power consumption while maintaining network connectivity.


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