Redmi Note 11 is, in a Nutshell, a Transformed Note: Lu Weibing

Lu Weibing talk about Redmi Note 11

Lu Weibing talk about Redmi Note 11

In today’s morning, the Redmi Note 11, which has been rumored for a long time, finally announced the official launch time, this new machine with the ultimate price/performance ratio will officially meet us on the 28th, along with Redmi Watch 2.

The Redmi Note 11 series has a new look, with a right-angle bezel, JBL-tuned symmetrical dual speakers, and the “extremely advanced” 3.5mm headphone jack. After the official announcement, Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group, China and International, and general manager of the Redmi brand, posted on social media platforms that the Redmi Note 11 is, in a nutshell, a transformed Note.

The following is the full text of Lu Weibing:

The Note is Redmi’s star product, one of the world’s best-selling models, and one of the most difficult for Redmi to define. Each generation of the Note has been forward-thinking in its insights into the needs of young users, bringing high-end features to the masses that exceed expectations, maintaining the same exacting standards as flagships, while maintaining the ultimate price/performance ratio.

This time, we’re not only bringing the new Note 11 series, but also a new positioning that represents the future of Note. We have given everything we can, what else can we give this time?

In addition to enthusiasts who are sensitive to parameters and passionate about technology, each generation of Note carries the expectations of hundreds of millions of users, which requires the Note to not only have outstanding technology “longboard”, but also to meet the needs of most people’s bucket machine. Exceeding expectations, bucket machine, and price/performance ratio are not difficult, but together, they test not only the ability to make a mid-range machine but also the pursuit of the product team.

As I said, Redmi will give you what you want! Last time, the Note 10 Pro gave a flagship performance of 690,000 points (AnTuTu Benchmark), a flagship fast charging 67W, and a flagship image of a 64MP triple camera despite the global core shortage. This time, what else can be given?

Break the definition, change the bone: We are against high price and low price, we hate the price increase of shells, and we hate selling dog meat by hanging sheep’s heads. Redmi is more concerned with making users scream for more than just a reasonable price.

Is everyone happy with the fast charging? Is everyone happy with the look? Is everyone happy with the image? Is everyone happy with the screen? Sound, are you satisfied? To make a product, it is necessary to ask a few more questions, “Are you satisfied? Day and night discussions, repeated entanglement, all the way down, the Note 11 product definition almost “out of control”. When the Note 11 was made, I realized that this time I had made a lot of effort.

The Note 11 is a complete and total upgrade, it’s not like the Note, it’s not like the Note in terms of beauty, it’s not like the Note in terms of fast charging, it’s not like the Note in terms of sound… it’s not like the Note in any way. It’s not like a Note at all.

This generation of Note is a flagship with a lot of power!

October 28, we will officially release the new Note 11 series in this double 11, the stripped-down Note 11, dedicated to you. As a cost-effective product, Redmi will never let us down this time.


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