Lenovo ZUI 13 for Pad Introduction Video Highlights Features

Lenovo ZUI 13 for Pad Introduction

Lenovo ZUI 13 for Pad Introduction

Today Lenovo released a video detailing the core features of the upcoming ZUI 13 for Pad system. The system has been upgraded in terms of UI and features and is expected to be launched with the Lenovo Pad Pro 12.6 tablet.

Lenovo ZUI 13 for Pad Introduction

The Lenovo ZUI 13 for Pad has a new desktop weather widget, and the Super Connect feature supports connecting to cell phones and casting screens to each other. In addition, the tablet can also connect to a computer for screencasting, operate mobile apps on the computer, and share clipboards.

ZUI 13 Parallel Windows feature is also further enhanced to support application floating window function along with application split-screen, which facilitates users to chat with WeChat. The PC mode in the new version of the system is further enhanced. When opened, the tablet will show a Windows-like layout and support multiple windows to open applications, enabling users to bring their computer operating habits to the tablet.

The ZUI 13 system also supports displaying the tablet as a secondary screen of the computer, acting as a wireless monitor and extending the computer window. Lenovo has officially announced a list of new features for the ZUI 13 for Pad system update. The system update will not only be installed on the Pad Pro 12.6 but will also be adapted to the previously released Pad, Pad Pro 11.5, YOGA Pad Pro, and other products.

The upcoming Lenovo Pad Pro 12.6 will feature a top-of-the-line 2.5K Samsung E4 material screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, 360Hz touch sampling rate, and 600nit peak brightness. The product will debut with the new ZUI 13 system, which supports an electromagnetic stylus. In addition, the Lenovo ZUI 13 system has a lot of updates and will feature a new visual language, a new desktop/Dock area layout, in addition to an evolution of PC mode.


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