In 1 Second, iPhone 13 Pro Jailbreak Done Remotely

In 1 Second, iPhone 13 Pro Jailbreak Done Remotely

iPhone 13 Pro Jailbreak Remotely Done

iOS has always been security-focused, so many teams take cracking the iPhone as a challenge, and as Apple strengthens its security mechanisms, the once-jailbreak has become more difficult.

In 1 Second, iPhone 13 Pro Jailbreak Done Remotely

Recently, according to media reports, in the fourth “Tianfu Cup” International Network Security Competition, Pangu Lab’s white hat hacker slipper completed the world’s first public remote jailbreak of iPhone 13 Pro and obtained the highest control access to the phone.

After cracking, the hacker can access the phone’s information at will, including photo albums and apps, and even delete data on the device directly. Specifically, the slipper exploited multiple vulnerabilities such as the Safari browser and the iOS kernel to carry out a combination of attacks, but apart from requiring the user to click a link, there was no other interaction afterward.

And the process of cracking only takes a second, so it adds great risk to the user’s security and privacy, but this is also what a professional security team can do, with a very high technical threshold. It is understood that from iOS 7 to iOS 15, the security team from China, Pangu Lab, maintains the ability to break the first time, and has launched a jailbreak tool.


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