Samsung, Qualcomm Break 5G Upload Speed Record

Samsung, Qualcomm Break 5G Upload Speed Record

Verizon, Samsung, Qualcomm Break 5G Upload Speed Record

Samsung has announced a 5G demonstration with Verizon and Qualcomm using aggregated bands of mmWave spectrum achieved record data upload speeds of 711Mbps. According to Samsung, the technology enables 1GB of video to be uploaded in about 10 seconds, allowing for real-time HD video recording and uploading to the cloud or social media. Samsung said this 5G technology is expected to be widely used by companies for real-time image analysis and defect detection on production lines to improve manufacturing.

Our mmWave build is a critical differentiator, even as we drive towards the massive and rapid expansion of our 5G service using our newly acquired mid-band spectrum, we are doubling down on our commitment to mmWave spectrum usage. You will see us continue to expand our mmWave footprint to deliver game-changing experiences for the densest parts of our network and unique enterprise solutions. We had over 17K mmWave cell sites at the end of last year and are on track to add 14K more in 2021, with over 30K sites on air by the end of this year, and we’ll keep building after that,” said Adam Koeppe, Senior Vice President of Technology Planning for Verizon.

Samsung said the demonstration surpassed current peak upload speeds by combining 400MHz of Verizon’s 5G mmWave frequency and 20MHz of 4G frequency using the latest 5G technologies, including mmWave carrier aggregation and Single-User MIMO (SU-MIMO). Network technology used in the demo included Samsung’s 28GHz 5G Compact Macro and virtualized RAN (vRAN) and Core (vCore) along with a smartphone form-factor test device powered by Qualcomm flagship Snapdragon X65 5G Modem-RF System.

With this demonstration, Samsung Electronics is one step closer to enabling differentiated 5G services and immersive user experiences said the company’s vice president of the network business development team.


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