Leaked Material Confirms Apple MacBook Pro Notch Display

Apple MacBook Pro May Have Notch Display

(Image Source: macrumors)

Apple MacBook Pro Notch Display

This week, Apple officially confirmed this October’s new product launch event, with the slogan “Unleashed”. Although Apple’s October launch didn’t surprise anyone, it didn’t affect everyone’s high expectations for the event at all: from the literal meaning of the slogan, Apple wanted to bring out good material that would shock users and make the whole industry sit up and take notice.

At the press conference, Apple is expected to launch a newly designed Apple MacBook Pro with Apple’s M1x Chip, a new Mac Mini, and Apple AirPods 3 with a major design overhaul. Among them, Apple MacBook Pro is expected to feature an iPhone 12 like bangs screen with a slot above the screen for the front camera module.

Today, a Weibo blogger shared a leaked image that shows the A-side screen housing of the new MacBook Pro, which clearly shows the style of the bangs screen. From the picture, it can be seen that the new MacBook Pro case is about 207mm long and 313mm wide, which can be calculated by the hook and loop theorem that the screen size is about 14 inches. MacBook Pro’s front camera has a white highlight in the center, the entire module shape similar to the Face ID on the iPhone, the new notebook is expected to support this feature.

Apple MacBook Pro Notch Display

According to previous reports, the Apple MacBook Pro is expected to use Mini-LED backlight technology, with a maximum brightness of 1000nit and a screen refresh rate of 120Hz. The new M1X chip will be equipped with eight high-performance cores and two performance cores, and the GPU will be available in 16-core/32-core versions, with memory support greatly increased from the current 16GB RAM support for the M1 chip to an expected maximum of 64GB RAM.

The above is a summary of the various new product-related information about the launch, but of course, we still need to emphasize that: these exposures have at best a certain degree of the reference value, to help us adjust the various expectations about new products. Of course, no matter how the new products, at one o’clock on the night of 18th, these mysteries will be revealed.


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