TCL Unveiled Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition with Binocular full-color MicroLED

TCL Unveiled Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition with Binocular full-color MicroLED

TCL Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition

TCL electronics incubated AR newcomer Thunderbird innovation today released the first binocular full-color MicroLED holographic light waveguide AR glasses – Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition.

TCL Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition Introduction

The Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Version use holographic light waveguide and full-color MicroLED display technology, through Thunderbird Innovation’s self-developed light wave coupling analysis optimization algorithm and unique full-color micro display engine, taking into account thin and light and high bright full-color display, becoming the industry’s first binocular full-color MicroLED holographic light waveguide AR glasses.

According to the official introduction, the Thunderbird team has been developing for three years, and through self-developed light-wave coupling analysis and optimization algorithms, it has achieved a balance in efficiency, dispersion, and mass-producibility, while taking the lead in using high refractive index glass wafers to significantly reduce the critical angle of total reflection, allowing for waveguide transmission even for large-angle light, and finally developing the optimal single-layer waveguide architecture, which is a key step towards achieving lightweight AR glasses.

In terms of function and scene application, the pioneer version of Thunderbird smart glasses can realize the basic information prompt, photo sharing, translation, intelligent control, and linkage functions, but will also be online one after another multi-screen presentation, real-world navigation, real-world translation, car mirror linkage, and other functions.

For example, when the user is at home, he can use the glasses to get the information of the cat’s eye in real-time and control the intelligent door lock switch. When you go out, you can turn off the air conditioning, intelligent lighting, and other devices in the house with one click through the Smart Link control function.

In addition, you can also use the car mirror linkage function to start the vehicle remotely, etc. When traveling outside, the navigation information can be updated in real-time to fit with the real scene. When you need to take photos, you can take the picture in front of you through the glasses, and the photos can be synchronized to your cell phone and the cloud. In-office scenes, Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition can present multiple screens at the same time to enhance work efficiency.

Thunderbird did not announce the price of the pioneer version of this Thunderbird smart glasses and the time of the market, only that it hopes that in 3-5 years, continue to provide global users with products beyond the imagination of everyone now, to help everyone in the world of reality and virtual integration can do anything so that the imagination more real.


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