Lenovo Yoga 16s 2022 Ports and Interface Unveiled: Packs Full-size Keyboard

Lenovo Yoga 16s 2022 Ports and Interface

Lenovo Yoga 16s 2022 Ports and Interface

Currently, Lenovo warming up its upcoming laptops: Yoga 16s 2022 and Yoga 14s Carbon 2022, expected to be released in the coming weeks. Following the previous display and core announcement, in today’s warm-up, Lenovo announced Yoga 16s ports and keyboard.

Lenovo YOGA official said YOGA 16s 2022 is equipped with a 16-inch large full-size keyboard, with an independent small keyboard area, large size directional keys, and a number pad. It also features a 1.3mm keystroke standard size keyboard and has a media shortcut control key area. In terms of ports and interface, YOGA 16s 2022 have dual USB-A, full-featured USB-C, standard HDMI, standard SD card reader, 3.5mm headphone jack (mic combo?), and A charging port.

Besides the Yoga 16s, Lenovo will also release thin and lightweight Yoga 14s Carbon 2022. As advertised, it is just 1.08kg, easy to pick up with one hand, and very decent and elegant to take out. But even a good-looking machine can be dusty and unpleasant when it’s covered in fingerprints.

To show the perfect look and feel, this time Lenovo using custom metallic glossy paint, the body has a frosted feel, not easy to stain. At the same time, Lenovo using the CNC process to handle the corners: the edges are rounded and not cut, more comfortable to hold.

Lenovo Yoga 14s Carbon 2022

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