HTC Vive Flow Debuts to Bring Immersive VR Experience in Compact Foldable Body

HTC Vive Flow VR Introduction, Price and Specifications

HTC Vive Flow VR Introduction, Price and Specifications

The global smartphone devices and immersive VR technology manufacturers HTC held a global new conference, officially launched a new immersive VR glasses VIVE FLow, that connects smartphones to provide a new VR control experience. Unlike the all-in-one VR device, HTC VIVE FLow is lighter and more compact, it is not used for a fixed headband, but is worn in the same way as glasses.

HTC Vive Flow VR Headset Introduction

Moreover, the VIVE FLow can be folded down to fit easily into a small backpack or handbag. Its internal magnetic padding is removable and supports handwashing with water and detergent, making it easy to replace the padding when sharing the device. The VIVE FLow is also tech-savvy and weighs only 189g. The VIVE Flow is built with a proprietary cooling system to keep the eyes dry, making it both lightweight and comfortable to wear.

HTC Vive Flow Specifications

VIVE Flow can be connected to a smartphone, either through a USB-C wired connection or wirelessly. It also has relatively independent computing power, supporting over 100 VR content runs. It also needs to be connected to an external battery for use, and the USB-C port on the side connects to a variety of mobile power sources.

VIVE Flow supports a 3.2K resolution, 100-degree field of view, and 75Hz refresh rate. The built-in speakers support 3D spatial audio, providing an immersive sound experience through built-in dual-radio microphones with echo elimination and noise reduction functions, and support external Bluetooth headphones. In addition, its lenses can be adjusted for diopter to meet the needs of near-sighted users, thus eliminating the need to wear glasses or insert lenses.

The device has no controller and does not support hand tracking, but you can use your smartphone for control. Currently, it only supports Android devices, not iOS platforms. Its built-in camera allows you to see the outside world.

What can HTC VIVE Flow do? Firstly, together with your smartphone, it allows you to immerse yourself in the privacy of VR, check your phone notifications, and use mobile apps in your VR view. Secondly, HTC VIVE Flow’s lightweight body is easy to carry and can be worn in meditation, mind flow, brain training, and other scenarios to delight the mind and body.

In addition, with VIVE SYNC, VIVE SESSIONS, and other collaboration tools, VIVE Flow allows you to socialize with friends and family at any time, or collaborate with colleagues remotely and work on the move. Vive Flow also allows you to relive classic blockbusters at any time with an ultra-wide field of view (100 degrees).

Along with the release of VIVE Flow, HTC VIVE also launched a special VIVEPORT subscription plan – Unlimited Membership Light, priced at 5.99 USD per month, allowing users to download and experience unlimited amounts of various VR content covering video, leisure, art, education, games, and apps. Officials say VIVEPORT’s content will continue to be updated, bringing users more exciting VR experiences. Vivo Flow with a price tag of 499 USD or 569 Euro, can be Pre-order by October 31, 2021.


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