Is iOS More Secure Than Android? Apple Responses

Is iOS More Secure Than Android?

Is iOS More Secure Than Android?

The European Commission previously wanted Apple to open up the right for users to freely install software, including bypassing the app store, causing strong opposition from Apple. In a letter responding to the European Commission’s Digital Markets Act, Apple cited Nokia’s threat scenario reports for 2019 and 2020, saying that there is 15 to 47 times more malware on the Android platform than on the iPhone.

In an in-depth document detailing the security and privacy risks of sideloading Apps, Apple said that experts generally agree that the iOS platform is safer, and a very important reason for this is that Apple does not support side-loading applications. Side-loading refers to the arbitrary installation and use of third-party applications. App Store review mechanism is increasingly important because users pay more and more attention to privacy and security, and most importantly, unscrupulous applications are good in disguise, allowing users to freely install the App will be a great risk.

Android smartphones are the most common mobile malware targets and have recently had between 15 and 47 times more infections from malicious software than iPhone. A study found that 98 percent of mobile malware targets Android devices. This is closely linked to sideloading: In 2018, for example, Android devices that installed apps outside Google Play, the official Android app store, were eight times more likely to be affected by potentially harmful applications than those that did not.

Frankly speaking, there is no absolute good or bad, otherwise, the iOS platform would not have jailbreaking, which proves that there is still a significant portion of users who want to have APP self-determination. It is understood that the Apple App Store in 2020 for Apple to bring more than $64 billion in revenue, an increase of 28% over 2019.

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