Apple Event Unleashed Scheduled on October 18: Guess the Protagonist

Apple Event Unleashed Scheduled on October 18

Apple Event Unleashed Scheduled on October 18

Yesterday late night, Apple announced that it will hold a special “Apple Event Unleashed” at 10:30 PM IST Pacific Daylight Time on October 18 to bring products. Many users are very curious about Apple’s new products for this event, after all, it’s the first time Apple uses the term “Unleashed” to describe new products, and according to the latest news, the protagonists may be MacBook Pro and New Mac, and very little possibility of Air Pods Pro.

For the new MacBook Pro, the most anticipated may be equipped with an M1X processor, the performance is further enhanced compared to M1, and it may use a mini LED display panel that supports 120Hz.

The MacBook Pro with a 120Hz display panel is very sure, even with 100% confirmation to describe, so the 120Hz ProMotion display covers the Apple iPad, iPhone, and Mac three major product lines.

Power consumption naturally does not need to worry too much, according to the performance of the iPhone 13 Pro, Apple has mastered the high refresh rate screen, power consumption is quite stable. M1X processor is a 10-core design, it is said that 8 cores are big performance cores, while the GPU scale is up to 16 or 32 cores.


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