MediaTek’s Next-generation Dimensity Flagship Chip is Very Satisfying

MediaTek's Next-generation Dimensity Flagship Chip

MediaTek’s Next-generation Dimensity Flagship Chip

In recent times, there has been more and more news about MediaTek’s next-generation Dimensity flagship chip, and today’s Digital Chat Station brings another burst of information about this processor.

MediaTek’s Dimensity next-generation flagship core, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, Honor, and other manufacturers have adopted, next year is predicted to be a dual-flagship strategy, Dimensity terminals listed early next year. At present, the manufacturers have verified the performance and power consumption, feel very satisfied, MediaTek is afraid to support the prong up.

MediaTek's Next-generation Dimensity Flagship Chip

Another research data shows that MediaTek has taken the first cell phone processor market for four consecutive quarters, depending on whether next year can get rid of the monopoly next door to take the high-end share.

According to a report released by Counterpoint Research, an international authority on data research, MediaTek’s cell phone processor market share has reached 38%, while the second-ranked Qualcomm occupies 32% of the market share. However, it should be noted that MediaTek’s global first market share relies mainly on the dominant position achieved in the low-end market, the high-end market is still dominated by Qualcomm and Apple.

About the world’s first 4nm process chip, it is rumored to be named Dimensity 2000, from the name is not difficult to see that this is a major revision, so the process power and process is a sudden leap forward, and the score is also expected to break the million mark.

In this regard, there are still comments questioning MediaTek’s users: “Fat brother dare not compliment ah are some paper parameters“, to which some users also replied that: “you can not believe MediaTek, but you must believe TSMC, TSMC is awesome“, “this time TSMC’s latest process manufacturing, feel that you can look forward to under“.

It seems that manufacturers and the market for MediaTek Dimensity 2000 series are very high expectations, then the selling price will be expected to soar to 5000+ RMB market MediaTek flagship processor phone, buy?


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