Redmi’s MIUI Interface Will be Differentiated from Xiaomi’s MIUI

Redmi's MIUI Interface will be Differentiated from Xiaomi's MIUI

Redmi’s MIUI Interface

In terms of domestic cell phone operating systems, Xiaomi’s MIUI is a very well-known one, easy to use and rich in detail, currently equipped with MIUI brands are Xiaomi and Redmi.

Today, according to reports from Digital Chat Station, part of Redmi’s MIUI interface may need to be differentiated from Xiaomi’s MIUI in some detail, mainly by adding some of its brand elements.

This is a good thing for brand awareness, but also to make their user base more sense of belonging, OPPO’s operating system ColorOS is to do so, OnePlus and Realme ride are ColorOS, but the interface is different from ColorOS, and Realme side is directly named Realme UI, looks more independent sense.

The current version number of MIUI is 12.5, and the version of MIUI with increased Redmi elements will be officially different from Xiaomi’s MIUI in which version or we have to wait for the official news.


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