Pete Lau Talk About OnePlus 9RT Performance Improvement

OnePlus 9RT Performance Improvement

OnePlus 9RT Performance Improvement

On October 13, OnePlus will release a new family member in 9 Series – OnePlus 9RT. On the eve of the launch, OnePlus founder Pete Lau today revealed through microblogging details about the new machine parameters other than.

According to Pete Lau’s statement, the top performance includes not only the top hardware but also the top tuning, both of which complement each other to give users the best experience. This time, the OnePlus 9RT not only gives you the top enjoyment in hardware configuration but also in real experience with “fast, stable and economical” special optimization, so that the performance machine does not only stay on the parameters but falls into actual use.

Liu Zuohu said that some people say “light, smooth, stable and power-saving” is the most basic experience of a cell phone, and it is difficult to say these things to the ceiling to make people impressed. It’s true, but OnePlus always believes that these basic experiences are the most important part of a cell phone for users.

He pointed out that fast, stable, and power-saving are what OnePlus has been pursuing. This time, the “fast, stable, and power-saving team” has done a lot of work to make the OnePlus 9RT smoother, more stable, and more energy-efficient.

It is worth noting that Pete Lau has also revealed some of the results of the OnePlus 9RT performance improvement, such as another 10% improvement in in-game stability, another 10% improvement in animation smoothness, another 17% improvement in sliding smoothness, and another 13% improvement in App cold start speed.

Finally, Pete Lau stressed that the “fast, stable and power-saving” of OnePlus has done much more than what I’ve shared here, and the process is not easy. It is understood that the OnePlus 9RT in addition to being equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, will also be equipped with LPDDR5 + UFS 3.1, the combination of the three composed of the current mainstream fully-loaded performance iron triangle.

Of course, for the phone to continue high-performance operation, the OnePlus 9RT built-in 4500mAh capacity battery supports a 65T super flash charge, battery life, and chargeback speed in line with the mainstream configuration.

It’s worth mentioning that not long ago, OnePlus officially said that the machine will be equipped with the “space cooling system”, its cooling area reached 19067.44 mm², which is claimed to be comparable to that of a tablet computer, which is also the strongest cooling system in the history of OnePlus.

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