Lenovo Legion 9000K 2022 Cooling System Unveiled

Lenovo Legion 9000K 2022 Cooling System

Lenovo Legion 9000K 2022 Cooling System

In the coming weeks, Intel is going to release the 12th generation Core processors, codenamed Alder Lake, upgraded Intel 7 process, the first time in the desktop CPU to introduce small and large core architecture, up to 8 large and 8 small, 16 cores and 24 threads.

Lenovo has teased a new generation of gaming PC hosts, the Legion 9000K 2022 series, announcing a 12th generation Core processor, along with DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0 slots as standard across the line, one of the most important technical upgrades to Alder Lake processors.

In today’s Lenovo Legion 9000K 2022 desktop host’s warm-up, Lenovo announced that Legion 9000K 2022 will pack ITC 4.0 (Intelligent Thermal Control 4.0) cooling system, with 360mm specification one-piece water cooling, full-permeability chassis, and VRM/PCH/SSD anode cooling fins.

As you can see from the diagram, the Lenovo Legion 9000K 2022 series is expected to be available with RTX 3080Ti graphics cards, and the chassis design seems to differ little from the 2021 model.

The Lenovo Legion 9000K 2022 has been upgraded in terms of cooling and to be powered by Intel’s 12th generation Core Alder Lake processors. 2021 models cost 16,999 RMB, how much do you think the 2022 models will cost?


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