Google Chrome Page Zoom Features Soon to be Reality

Google Chrome Page Zoom Features Soon to be Reality 2

Google Chrome Page Zoom Features

According to MSPoweruser reported that Google is developing new accessibility options for Chrome for Android, a new page scaling feature has emerged that works better compared to clicked and unclicked text scaling, allowing users to more easily see the small print text on the phone.

As you can see from the graphic image, the feature will be available in the Page Info drop-down menu, although it may be moved elsewhere later. Most importantly, Chrome will remember the zoom level and use it automatically the next time you visit the same page. The feature is already available in Chrome Canary and requires enabling the flag Accessibility Page Zoom as below.

Currently, the Accessibility Font Scale Factor is incorporated into the Text Auto generator, which applies non-mobile text resizing along with an additional accessibility multiplier. Google says that the accessibility feature should be moved out of the text auto generator and instead rely on page scaling.

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