Black Shark 4S Display Specifications Unveiled: Packs Ultimate Gaming Features

Black Shark 4S Display Specifications

Black Shark 4S Display Specifications

Today, the Black Shark 4S opened appointments in Jingdong Mall, this new product will be officially released on October 13. The official poster shows that the Black Shark 4S has super performance. Black Shark Technology CEO Luo Yuyi Zhou stressed that Black Shark is used to being proud of the group, but never stops moving forward.

According to the known information, Black Shark 4S is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus flagship processor, expected to be equipped with LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory, and will also support 120W ultra-fast flash charging.

The official said that the Black Shark 4S series gaming phone in the design process intentionally break the visual boundary of figurative form and graphic design, from the point, line, surface of various geometric elements layer by layer deconstruction has been materialized “X elements”, with the appropriate dynamic and static matrix light spot effect and more visual extension of the line will be the perfect interpretation of the texture of light and shadow, from a new aesthetic perspective to better present the technology trend with players.

In today’s warm-up, Black Shark 4S display specifications were highlighted. Black Shark 4S display uses 6.67-inches Samsung E4 light-emitting material to build the AMOLED straight screen, and have achieved the highest 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate for game scenes, supporting 4-speed refresh rate free adjustment; multi-finger touch sampling rate up to 720Hz, multi-finger touch time delay as low as 8.3ms, touch precision as low as 0.004mm, operation accuracy significantly improved, the game process is more smooth and more outstanding. Furthermore, the Black Shark 4S display precisely tuned every piece with JNCD ≈ 0.36 and △E ≈ 0.35, reaching the level of professional gaming monitors.

It is worth mentioning that for players to enjoy a more immersive gaming experience, the Black Shark 4S supports the dynamic hidden function, which can be considered gospel for full-screen gamers. At the same time, the official said that the new machine will also support the Youku frame to enjoy audio and video 120fps ultra-high-definition, bringing a cinema-grade audio-visual experience.

In addition, the Black Shark 4S supports dual-zone screen pressure sensing 5.0, which is also the first of its kind in the Android camp, unlocking multi-dimensional game control for Android players, and also supports pressure sensing 7-position adjustment, edge locking, and customization functions.

Black Shark 4S dual-zone screen pressure sensing 5.0

Black Shark has conducted in-depth research on users’ usage scenarios and habits, adopting a dual-zone fully symmetrical pressure-sensitive design, with unlimited freedom for left and right-handed sliding pressure areas; setting pressure-sensitive 7-step strength adjustment to meet different pressure strength needs; button intelligent mapping, even for first-time experience, you can easily get started.

In addition, our self-developed screen edge locking technology and pressure threshold intelligent adjustment technology brings players a flagship gaming control experience and continue to lead the industry.

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