Amazfit PowerBuds Pro Unique Features Detailed including Heart Rate Monitoring

Amazfit PowerBuds Pro Unique Features

Amazfit PowerBuds Pro Unique Features

Huami Amazfit will hold a launch event on October 12 to launch Amazfit GTR 3 & GTS 3 series of smartwatches. Today, the official preview of the event is again, announcing the upcoming launch of Amazfit PowerBuds Pro true wireless headphones. This product is white shell, in-ear design, will support the ear canal heart rate monitoring function, and at the same time can assist in caring for the cervical spine, can prevent hearing damage.

From the poster can be seen, the headset outside, the bottom are microphone openings, will also support active noise cancellation function. The inner structure of the headset is not disclosed, is expected to carry an optical sensor, through the active light-emitting way to monitor the heart rate. In addition, the earbud cover also uses a high fluorescent material, which is conducive to heart rate monitoring. As for the cervical spine care function, this headset will have a built-in gravity sensor to achieve posture prediction and thus alert the user.

Regarding the prevention of hearing damage, the product is expected to be able to adjust the volume adaptively, while the internal algorithm will cut the harmful frequency band. The volume protection of some headphones is achieved through a built-in microphone to monitor sound pressure, but Huami did not announce the principle of hearing protection with the Amazfit PowerBuds Pro headphones.

As for the active noise cancellation function, active noise reduction can achieve a depth of 40 dB, will have four noise reduction modes and transparent side listening modes at the same time using total of binaural six microphones.

In terms of smartwatches, Amazfit GTR 3 Pro will be equipped with 6-channel biotracking optical sensor, support heart rate, blood oxygen monitoring function. In addition, the watch will also support GPS, equipped with Zepp OS system, is expected to support eSIM card.

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