Samsung Galaxy S22 Series 3C Certification Reveals Disappointing Charging Speed

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Renderings

(Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Renderings by Waqar Khan)

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series 3C Certification

Many cell phone manufacturers have released many high-end flagships this year, but to say that the most outstanding, then there is no doubt that the Samsung S21 series and Xiaomi 11 series, and the Samsung S21 Ultra and Xiaomi 11 Ultra due to the configuration is too strong, but also recognized as the Android machine king. Now, with 2021 still, two months to go, which means that next year’s high-end Android machines are coming soon, equipped with the new Snapdragon 898 chip.

Snapdragon 898 chip has not yet been released, a lot of information is still unknown, but because of the new 4nm process, as well as the X2 mega-core support, performance will naturally be good, so this year’s Snapdragon 888 by Xiaomi 11 debut, Snapdragon 898 will spend which one? Following the past practice, the first Snapdragon 898 is either Xiaomi or Samsung, that is, Xiaomi 12 series and Samsung S22 Series.

Whether it is Xiaomi and Samsung who debuted Snapdragon 898, according to the time push, the two new machines should have been polished and ready. Now, Samsung S22 Series 3C certification cleared, a total of three models: SM-S9010, SM-S9060, SM-S9080, these three phones are using the Samsung EP-TA800 charger, which is the highest 25W charging, this fast charging in the Android camp is very weak. There is also the possibility that the device may support higher charging, but in box 25W only.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series 3C Certification

Except for Samsung and Apple, other manufacturers currently doing a good job in terms of charging speed, even the mid-range phones support 33W, 50W, 65W, 67W, and even 120W fast charging. Samsung and Apple, why stuck on 20W to 25W on the flagship, no one knows.

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