Back Shark 4S Release Date Announcement Also Uncover Design

Back Shark 4S Release Date and Time

Back Shark 4S Release Date and Time

Besides the OnePlus 9RT, Black Shark also in today’s official announcement of the Black Shark 4S release date and time: October 13 at 3:00 pm, just a few hours before the 9RT launch conference.

The official post of the Black Shark issued a text saying, “Evolution” is to break through the status quo and reinvent a new self, is to explore the unknown world without fear of challenges. It is to go against the tide and create infinite possibilities. Evolution keeps on evolving, breaking the trend, October 13, 15:00, “Black Shark 4S” live launch!”

As a gaming phone, it is not difficult to guess from the configuration that the machine will also be upgraded to a Snapdragon 888+ processor, which will have better performance in terms of performance.

The official preview pictures show that the design of the Black Shark 4S uses a combination of horizontal three camera lenses (checkout camera samples of Balck Shark 4S), the rear shell will have a white version to choose from, other aspects believe that the official in this period of warm-up will also be gradually given, the cost-effective game phone will soon have a new choice.

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