OPPO Confirms Tablet and Multi-form Smartphone Launch

OPPO Confirms Tablet and Multi-form Smartphone Launch

OPPO Confirms Tablet and Multi-form Smartphone Launch

In the recent partner summit, OPPO Vice President of China Liu Bo revealed that OPPO is expanding new tablet PC and some multi-form smartphone products. The first tablet is expected to be launched in the first half of next year, reported by Sina Technology.

At the summit, Liu Bo mentioned OPPO’s latest progress in brand premiumization, IoT market, e-commerce strategy, and so on. In terms of high-end, he said that in the 4000+ price segment, OPPO has become the third Android brand and the second offline. Meanwhile, the product awareness of Find X3 has increased from 46% to 60%.

OPPO’s biggest change this year is the merger with the OnePlus brand. At the recent autumn new product launch, Liu Bo said that OPPO will form a dual flagship with OnePlus to layout the high-end market, and the overall goal is to get the top three in the high-end market.

With OnePlus becoming an OPPO brand, OPPO’s e-commerce product strategy has also been complimented. In addition to continuing to deepen cooperation with Jingdong, Suning, Gome, and other e-commerce platforms, it is also officially stationed in Pindoduo, as well as OPPO’s platform Huantai Mall.

In terms of IoT, OPPO has previously launched smart headphones, smartwatches/smart bracelets, smart TV categories. At the summit, Liu Bo further revealed that OPPO is expanding into new tablets and some multi-format smartphone products.

It is reported that OPPO will launch its first tablet product in the first half of next year. It is no coincidence that the tablet has become one of the categories in which cell phone manufacturers have renewed their efforts. Huawei has been growing rapidly on the tablet, and can already compete with Apple iPad; Xiaomi launched Xiaomi Tablet 5 series in August this year, which is also Xiaomi restarted the tablet product line after three years; Vivo executive vice president Hu Baishan also revealed in a recent interview with Sina Technology and other media, Vivo’s tablet will be launched in the first half of next year, focusing on synergy with cell phones.

As for the multi-form smartphone products mentioned by Liu Bo, it is likely to be a foldable display or scroll screen. At the OPPO Future Technology Conference in November 2020, OPPO launched a scroll screen concept machine, the machine’s screen can be stretched out like a scroll, the largest size is 7.4 inches, the smallest size is 6.7 inches while achieving an almost “zero crease” screen effect.

OPPO Rollable Concept Phone


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