Official Test ZUI 13’s Super Connect Feature on Lenovo Pad Pro 12.6

Official Test ZUI 13's Super Connect Feature on Lenovo Pad Pro 12.6

ZUI 13’s Super Connect Feature

Lenovo’s new Xiaoxin series tablet with ZUI 13 system will soon be announced, the new version of the system applies to Xiaoxin Pad, Pad Pro 11.5, YOGA Pad Pro, and other products, but also for the upcoming Xiaoxin Pad Pro 12.6.

Today, the Lenovo product manager demonstrated the “Super Connect” feature in ZUI 13, which allows the Lenovo Pad Pro 12.6 to be connected to a PC through the system’s built-in function and used as a secondary screen for the computer, both horizontal and vertical.

In addition, he revealed that there are still some interaction logic problems and bugs in the current PC secondary screen function, and will try to provide it through OTA after the launch of Lenovo Pad Pro 12.6, and the previous Pad Pro, Pad Plus and Xiaoxin Pad series will also try to support it.

He also mentioned that the feature is implemented through software, and the wireless screencasting effect may not be as good as the hardware solution of YOGA Pad Pro. Lenovo Xiaoxin series of tablets have frequent system updates, with the addition of a parallel window feature, a rest screen display feature, and more. In addition, this system also supports computer mode, combined with the magnetic keyboard can achieve a computer-like operating experience.


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