Vivo V2102A Approved Certification with Cortex-X2 and Adreno 730 GPU

Vivo V2102A Approved Certification

Vivo V2102A Approved Certification

It’s about to enter October, the last quarter of 2021, according to the usual practice, Qualcomm will bring the latest generation of Snapdragon 8 series flagship processor in this quarter, although this processor has not yet been officially announced, manufacturers who can get the source have already started testing.

Today, according to the Digital Chat Station, a new model of Vivo’s V2102A has passed the approved certification, and this phone shows the Cortex-X2 mega-core + Adreno 730 GPU on the processor identification code, which has a great probability of being the Snapdragon 898 flagship core, but of course, it does not exclude the new Snapdragon 7 series that stepped on the network, which is a new platform anyway.

According to previous news, Snapdragon 898 will be equipped with a triple-cluster CPU design, of which the mega-core frequency reaches 3.09GHz, the large core frequency is 2.4GHz, the small core frequency is 1.8GHz, and the mega-core will adopt a new generation of Cortex-X2 design, corresponding to the new performance and energy consumption performance will be brought.

The new machine of Vivo is the first domestic net public announcement, it seems that the progress should be quite fast, and the processor will have a great possibility to debut by Vivo’s NEX series of new products, of course, these are only speculations, the specific also depends on how the relationship between the major cell phone manufacturers and Qualcomm, but it is worth affirming that the next generation of Snapdragon flagship processor, has been closed to us.


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