Sony IMX487 Launched with Pregius S global shutter and Support UV Wavelengths

Sony IMX487

Sony IMX487 Introduction

Today Sony officially announced the launch of the 2/3-inch CMOS image sensor: Sony IMX487, which supports UV wavelengths and is equipped with the Pregius S global shutter function. This sensor can be used for industrial purposes and achieves the industry’s highest effective pixel count of about 8.13 megapixels.

Sony IMX487

Designed for UV (ultraviolet) wavelengths, the IMX487 sensor features a unique light-receiving unit structure that ensures high sensitivity to UV wavelengths while significantly reducing noise. The sensor has the industry’s smallest pixel size of 2.74 µm, enabling the product to be miniaturized and high-resolution.

The IMX487 is understood to use Sony’s Pregius S global shutter technology, which applies an original back-illuminated pixel structure to a stacked CMOS image sensor to ensure distortion-free imaging and high-speed performance. The Sony IMX487 can be applied to the current UV camera market for routine semiconductor defect detection, thereby improving the productivity of manufacturing processes and helping to solve industrial challenges.

Notably, in addition to traditional UV wavelength image sensor use scenarios such as semiconductor defect detection, the IMX487 can also be used to solve various industrial challenges. These include using UV light to sort plastics and other materials at recycling plants, checking the use of transparent resins, inspecting fine scratches on the surface of components, and detecting UV light emitted by aging discharges from overhead lines.

Sony says the UV wavelength is shorter than visible light (400–780 nm), generally falling between 10 to 400 nm. The product is compatible with the 200 to 400 mm wavelength, which is the most suitable UV wavelength for industrial inspections.

Wavelength of light (10nm–400nm for ultraviolet light)

Uses Examples:

  1. Sorting plastics in recycling: Sorting of acrylic resin (PMMA) and polystyrene (PS) by UV light
Visible light
UV light
  1. Inspection for the application condition of transparent protection resin: Transparent protection resin applied on the substrate (solid line) is not visible under visible light, but appears black under UV light. The uncoated area (dotted line) does not appear black even under UV light.
Visible light
UV light

Sony IMX487 Specifications

Effective pixels 2856 x 2848 (H x V)
Approx. 8.13 megapixels
Image size Diagonal 11.1 mm
(2/3 type)
Unit cell size 2.74 x 2.74 (m (H x V)
Frame rate,
Total pixels
8bit: 194fps
10bit: 193fps
12bit: 127fps
Power supplyAnalog: 3.3 V 、 2.9 V
Digital : 1.1 V
Interface : 1.8V
Shutter mode Global shutter
Output interfaceSLVS-EC: 8 / 4 / 2 / 1 lanes
SLVS: 8 / 4 ch
PackageCeramic LGA
20.0 x 16.8 mm (H x V)
Sony IMX487 Specifications


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