MediaTek 4nm SoC will Packs on 4k (RMB) Range, Provide Better Heat Control and Performance

MediaTek 4nm SoC

MediaTek 4nm SoC

MediaTek’s progress in the 5G chip market is evident to all, it can be said that on this track, MediaTek has proven itself with strength, which makes people look forward to its next-generation flagship chip will do what the ground.

Before the frequent exposure of the tentatively named MediaTek Dimensity 2000 will use the 4nm process, power consumption and heat will be controlled in a more ideal state, today, there is new news about this flagship processor.

According to the Digital Chat Station, MediaTek 4nm SoC following the specifications of the flagship to do, the cache pile is very fierce, and the delivery price MediaTek is to be following the 4k RMB + or so flagship to estimate, in this regard, some netizens raised questions, which 4k + or so price flagship dare to use MediaTek’s chip? And the response is MediaTek this time not only 4k + this price segment.

In other words, this 4nm process chip may be more than one, and there will be a higher specification processor will be released, but the phone equipped with it, in the end, can not rush to the 4-5000 RMB price range, or to see the market performance.


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