Xiaomi CIVI Review: Light on Performance And Heavy on Experience

Xiaomi CIVI Review

Xiaomi CIVI Review


A long time ago the domestic cell phone industry is actually specialized in women’s cell phones, specific brands from the era of feature phones over friends must also know, and more than one, but with the gradual unification of the market, subdivision to the category of women’s cell phones are classified into a sub-series of the big brands, OPPO has, Vivo has, Xiaomi also to have. And so Civi emerged.

Xiaomi CIVI Review

Compared to those digital geeks in the technology circle who can recite various cell phone parameters and main selling points, female users often only care about the appearance and a certain function point they want when buying products, which is enough, so the profit of the female cell phone market is naturally much higher, and all manufacturers want a share of this product category.

Xiaomi’s Civi from the first day of pre-heating, the official announcement of every selling point is in the main girl’s preferences, until its real release today, it can be said that the market is another must-have choice for girls to buy a machine. The specific configuration parameters of the Xiaomi Civi are as follows.

Xiaomi CIVI Specifications

ModelXiaomi CIVI
Display6.55 inches hyperboloid flexible screen,
AMOLED material,
2400×1800 resolution,
support P3 color gamut, JNCD~0.32,
120HZ refresh rate,
240Hz touch sampling rate,
Contrast ratio 5000000:1,
10bit color depth,
support Dolby Vision, HDR10 +
SoCSnapdragon 778G
4 × A78 2.4GHZmz + 4 × A55 1.8GHz
256GB/512GB UFS 2.2
64MP GW3 main camera, 1 / 1.97″ size, 6P lens, 24mm focal length
8MP ultra-wide-angle camera, FOV120″, 5P lens, 16mm focal length
2MP 4cm macro lens,
32MP, support AF auto focus, with micro slit double soft light
UnlockScreen fingerprint,
face recognition
4500mAh battery,
55W fast charge
SystemMIUI 12.5 based on Android 11
Size158.34 × 71.5 × 6.98mm
ColorsSparkling Black, Light Blue, Pink
Others1012 Upper, 1115 super linear lower speaker, stereo dual speakers, support Dolby Atoms Hi-Res Audio certification, Z-axis body linear motor, multifunctional NFC
Xiaomi CIVI Specifications


At the first sight of the Xiaomi Civi box, the author was surprised because it certainly did not come with a charger, but fortunately, Xiaomi is still giving users two versions to choose from, environmental support or not, or to see themselves.

In addition, I think this box is also in line with the concept of the Xiaomi Civi thin and light body, which can give you a feeling that it is thin and light from the outside to the inside.

In addition to the phone body and data cable, the box also comes standard with a Type-C To Audio adapter cable, because the phone is no 3.5mm headphone hole, this becomes very practical.

The phone’s screen is 6.55 inches, the material is AMOLED, the resolution is 2400 × 1080, support 120Hz refresh rate and P3 wide color gamut, support 10bit color depth can display 1.07 billion kinds of color, and the official claim that each screen in the factory has done the original color screen calibration, to ensure that the color accuracy in the High standards. The screen also has a very good improvement in audio and video, it supports HDR10+, and also supports Dolby Vision, which can bring a set of unique and rich visual experiences to users.

The curved screen hides the waistline in the best place; the second generation COP packaging technology at the bottom gives Xiaomi Civi a 2.55mm lower bezel, which is the narrowest one Xiaomi has ever had, narrower than Xiaomi 11.

The rear three-camera lens combination, the three lenses are arranged in a triangle shape of one large and two small, and the three lenses are 64MP GW3 main camera, 1/1.97″ size, support pixel four-in-one technology, 6P lens, 24mm focal length equivalent; 8MP super wide-angle camera, FOV 120°, 5P lens, 16mm focal length equivalent; 2MP macro lens, 4cm closest focus distance; and the front lens is a 32MP center punch design with AF autofocus and micro slit dual soft light.

Xiaomi Civi from the first day of publicity warm-up, the keywords given are related to beauty, selfie, good-looking, so in addition to the phone itself good-looking, of course, to bring users a wonderful experience, that is, selfie.

The front lens, Xiaomi Civi has a natural good-looking beauty algorithm, it can even analyze face attributes and emotional expressions to bring more accurate beauty treatment, and intelligent skin tone optimization, get rid of dark circles and lines, 3D three-dimensional micro-sculpture and other technologies are not in the picture, two selfie modes (natural and classic) can let you choose the most suitable for your beauty effect. These are all the things that Xiaomi Civi wants to offer to its users regarding the presentation of beauty.

The choice of the phone’s back case material is also key to whether a phone looks good. The author received this model called “flash black” using the velvet AG process, which is the first time Xiaomi adopted the new technology, compared to the ordinary AG process, the velvet AG process can maintain the skin-friendly smooth feel of the AG process, to create a crystal shiny visual sense, not only looks good, touch is also like skin gel. General.

For many geek enthusiasts, thinness is not really a point they care about, but if you know that this 6.98mm thick, 166g body has a battery capacity of up to 4500mAh, you will be surprised and puzzled how Xiaomi actually did it, and there will be a rhetorical question in your mind why other phones are obviously thicker than it, but the battery capacity is smaller than it?

Processed with VSCO with preset


The lens parameters configuration just mentioned above, here will not repeat, for a main selfie beauty phone, we directly look at its photo effect is good, first following the usual is the rear lens samples.


We can see, whether it is the number of details of the texture, or large scenes of the three-dimensional sense of the building, Xiaomi Civi rear lens can give a good presentation, and the clarity of the subject and the degree of automatic background defocusing combined just right, there will be no edge on the blurred processing, for the main photography of thin and high-value phones is to look at the parameters of the lens configuration, but after the shutter is pressed the real appearance of the phone screen samples.

Each sample photo of Xiaomi Civi can give the author an immersive feeling when the author looks back at it again, just like going back to the moment when he took the photo. Xiaomi Civi’s telephoto supports up to 10x digital zoom, let’s look at its sample performance in different focal lengths.

0.6x ultra-wide angle.
2X optical zoom.
5x optical zoom.
10x digital zoom.

In the case of 2X and 5X zoom, the samples of Xiaomi Civi can have clearer processing of building lines, especially the effect of 5X samples, for a product that does not include a telephoto lens, the performance of such samples is already very good, at least to see clearly what the scene is captured after the 5X zoom.

Night Scene

Now cell phones in dealing with night mode usually increase the brightness + suppress the noise, Xiaomi Civi is no exception, the following samples on the left are not open night mode, the right is open night mode, you can see a more obvious contrast.

Night mode allows the shooter to see more of the content of the picture in addition to the details to be compared, such as the green color of the grass and clouds in the background sky, which the Xiaomi Civi does very well. (The last shot was taken in direct night mode.)


For a phone that focuses on selfie beauty and is probably the highest value phone Xiaomi has ever made, we have finally brought you its selfie performance, without further ado, on the positive film.

The effect of beauty, author, as a straight man naturally know very little, but for picking up Civi open selfie to see the picture of the girl, that sense of joy is no less than the jackpot, real girls for the pursuit of beauty is a lifelong matter.

I think that in the early days when cell phone selfies were actually skin-brushing, the pores were directly given to you to grind the kind of white, it looks like there is no blood white, but these years, the phone rear lens progress, the front lens did not stop, Xiaomi Civi front selfie has 32MP HD pixels and dual soft light, plus AF autofocus, the effect is similar to the beauty of the skin. The photos will also look more comfortable, more like artificial make-up rather than indiscriminate machine peeling.


The official title of the introduction of this processor is “The calm alien in the age of fire”, which is very true, almost directly reported the name of Snapdragon 888, the text is familiar with the development of domestic cell phones friends know it. The product is a tribute to the one that made Lao Luo cry at the press conference.

The Snapdragon 778G has been released since, and more and more manufacturers are using it, although as a Qualcomm 7 series mid-range chip, but the end price of products equipped with it has a large floating, from more than a thousand to more than three thousand you can find, from this aspect alone is indeed a bit of an “alien”.

The Snapdragon 778G is designed with TSMC’s 6nm process and the eight-core Kryo 670 architecture, with a maximum main frequency of 2.4GHz and a claimed above 40% increase in CPU performance compared to the previous generation. The GPU is Adreno 642L, with an above 40% performance increase.

After the AnTuTu V9 score test, the 12G + 256G version of the Xiaomi Civi in the author’s hands scored 515025 points, because the new machine to prevent leakage so can not be networked, so there will be a word below the score to remind. Xiaomi CIVI AnTuTu Benchmark scores for the CPU score is 152257, the GPU score is 155808, and the storage test score is 41049, with a read speed of 1028.0MB/s and a write speed of 862.0MB/s.

Xiaomi CIVI AnTuTu Benchmark

In addition, Xiaomi Civi also adopts memory fusion technology on the system this time, which can use 3GB of phone storage space for extended memory and use it as RAM, thus making some background applications basically not occupy the real memory of the system and increasing the number of nutritional hanging background by 75%, bringing a smoother experience to users.

Games and battery

Xiaomi Civi uses a 4500mAh battery while supporting 55W wired fast charging. After a real test, after 30 minutes of “Peace Elite”, the remaining battery power dropped from 72% at the beginning of the play to 64%, and the battery consumption of Xiaomi Civi was 8%.

Game quality currently only supports smooth + limit, while opening the system comes with Game Turbo mode, open performance enhancement, and performance optimization, compared to the Snapdragon 8 Series processor 90 frame mode Snapdragon 778G in terms of heat control is simply too good, because for games such as “Peace Elite” is almost already no different from the normal use of the phone. The velvet AG process back case hardly feels like there is heat coming out, plus the weight of the phone is 166g, and it even feels a little unreal “grip” when playing games, too thin and light.

In another game, “Original Gods”, after 30 minutes of gameplay, with all the graphics turned up to the maximum and limit and 60Hz refresh rate, and Game Turbo mode turned on, the Xiaomi Civi consumed 11% of the power, which is the normal level of the Snapdragon 778G, but with the 60Hz refresh rate turned on, the graphics were a bit weaker than 30Hz, which would have a more obvious visual perception.

Charging test, Xiaomi Civi support 55W wired fast charging, the actual charging test, the battery remaining power consumption of 1% to start charging, using Xiaomi’s 55W gallium nitride charger, full the entire phone took a total of 54 minutes, 20 minutes to charge to 52% of the power, 30 minutes to charge to 74%. The battery power and fast-charging power of this phone are exactly the same as the last tested Vivo X70 Pro+, and the actual charging time experience is almost the same, which is already a flagship-level if you follow this product positioning.

Xiaomi Civi is obviously “light on performance and heavy on experience” both in terms of design and configuration, it does not care about the points that male users care about, it only cares about making those female users have the desire to play with the Civi at the first glance after seeing it, and then I think it’s almost good, that’s enough.


There is never a shortage of flagships and cost-effective products in the cell phone market, both of which are the most effective ways to quickly occupy the market and raise the brand tone.

In contrast, the female cell phone market is a bit blank, there are products for fans, but the author is not a fan of a celebrity and just wants to buy a good-looking thin and light performance phone how to choose it? This is where Xiaomi comes in with the idea of the new Civi.

It is born from the world’s first 100 million pixel CC, but completely without the shadow of the CC, its appearance is the crystallization of Xiaomi in the female market research, from the male point of view may pick out a variety of opinions, but from the female point of view, you will be able to get to Civi’s charm in which.

The issue of gender is not definitive from ancient times, so don’t use your perspective to consider the preferences of the opposite gender, after all, the opposite gender does not use their aesthetics to card your choice, everyone can buy their favorite products, that it is the most suitable one.

Note: This review was originally published on AnTuTu Benchmark by Wanglei.

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