When can you buy Huawei 5G phones? Official Give Answer

When can you buy Huawei 5G phones?

When can you buy Huawei 5G phones?

Due to the U.S. restrictions, Huawei can not use the 5G chip, several new machines released this year, can only be sold as 4G phones, which will undoubtedly have a significant impact on sales.

At the recent Huawei All Connect conference, Huawei’s rotating chairman Xu Zhijun said in an interview that Huawei’s cell phone business does face great challenges under the U.S. sanctions, and now Huawei 5G phones are hard to buy.

But he also firmly said that Huawei will not give up the cell phone business, nor will it be sold, and is working hard to get the cell phone business back on track in due course. Many netizens want to know when Huawei will be able to release 5G phones, Xu Zhijun said it may take a few years to wait and work hard to enable users to buy Huawei 5G phones.

At present, Huawei released new machines are 5G chips used as 4G, such as the P50 Snapdragon 888 4G, Huawei Nova 9 series of Snapdragon 778G 4G. “Now Huawei is in a process of survival, in this process, different companies have different choices, a large number of companies will choose to shrink, layoffs, and Huawei chose an opposite way.”

“Huawei to survive, facing many technical problems to solve, it is necessary to top talent, to overcome these difficulties. Huawei is also extending its hands to embrace the world’s top talent to help Huawei solve the survival process one by one difficult hurdle, and ultimately try to survive.” Xu Zhijun said.

For the HiSilicon side, Xu Zhijun said Huawei is only a chip design department, not a profitable organization, we have no profit claims on him, as long as we live, we will always keep it, and will also absorb the best talent to join, to lay the foundation for the future, to prepare.


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