iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Modules Detailed: Brings New Sony IMX Sensors

iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera specifications

iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Modules

Nowadays, most Android phone manufacturers, to be able to demonstrate the strong performance of their new machines, like to take the initiative to announce the lens, screen, and other relevant hardware parameters of their phones at the launch, hoping to endorse their phones through top suppliers to increase the attention of users.

Apple, on the contrary, rarely reveals which supplier’s components it uses, which in turn has aroused the curiosity of digital enthusiasts. Recently, a Weibo blogger exposed some of the hardware parameters of the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera modules.

iPhone 13 Pro Max camera modules vs iPhone 12 Pro Max camera modules

ModeliPhone 13 Pro MaxiPhone 12 Pro Max
Main CameraSony INX703, 1.9μm Sony IMX603, 1.7μm
Ultra-wide-angleSony IMX772, 1μm, 13mmSony IMX372, 1μm
TelephotoSony IMX713, 1μmSony IMX613, 1μm
ToFSony IMX590Sony IMX590
FrontIMX514, 1μmIMX514, 1μm
iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

According to the blogger, Apple has made significant changes in the choice of camera CMOS compared to the previous generation. But the four lens sensors (3 after 1 before) are used Sony IMX series. The 12MP main camera is IMX703 (the previous generation was IMX603), the 12MP super wide-angle is IMX772 (the previous generation was IMX372), and the 12MP telephoto is IMX713 (the previous generation was IMX613), while the top is still the same IMX590 as the previous generation. In terms of the front-facing lens, Apple didn’t want to make changes and still kept the same 12MP IMX514 from the previous generation.

Combined information with official data:

However, these parameters are the only representative of the iPhone 13 Pro Max in his hands and may vary from batch to batch and version to version. In addition, he also said that since Sony CMOS naming has always been more casual, you can’t compare it with the Sony IMX sensor on Android models just by the size of the number, this comparison is meaningless.


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