EU Wants Unified Charging Interface; Apple Naturally Will Not Easily Let Go

EU Wants Unified Charging Interface, Packaging Without Charger

EU Wants Unified Charging Interface, Packaging Without Charger

Recently, the EU for smartphones, tablet machines, digital cameras, headphones, portable speakers, game handhelds, and other consumer electronic devices charging interface proposed the latest bill, trying to force the development of a unified charger standard, not only that, the EU this time the goal is more ambitious, but also to allow manufacturers to unify the charging protocol for USB PD so that the USB-C cable can be universal. If this bill is passed, it will probably force Apple to abandon the current charging interface models.

The biggest impact of this is naturally Apple, especially Apple’s most profitable iPhone in all product lines have been insisting on a private Lightning interface, the official website of the cheapest data cable is 1800 INR, too expensive than Type-C cable, if changed to a unified standard, will affect Apple hundreds of millions of dollars in replacement costs of accessories, which has been higher than the revenue of many cell phone companies. Apple naturally will not easily let go.

So Apple’s statement this time is “if only one charging interface is allowed will stifle innovation, rather than stimulate innovation, which in turn will harm the interests of consumers.” Apple has made big cuts in chargers and packaging in the name of environmental protection in the past few years, and the EU’s proposal is also for environmental protection. After all, if the charging ports and cables of electronic devices are unified, then a set of charging devices can charge all products, and the cost savings for users are more and more environmentally friendly.

The Commission officially proposes four things:

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