Xiaomi Teases Watch Color 2 Smartwatch, Here is the First Look

Xiaomi Teases Watch Color 2 Smartwatch

Xiaomi Teases Watch Color 2 Smartwatch

On the 27th of this month Xiaomi will hold the launch of the new Civi series, in addition to cell phones, Xiaomi also officially announced today a new smartwatch product, which will also be released on the 27th. According to the official preview, Xiaomi Watch Color 2 features a round dial, straight edge bezel, 6-color colorful strap, and 200+ online dials.

The initial generation of Xiaomi Watch Color was released in January last year with a debut price of only 799 yuan and a round dial design, but at that time there were only 110+ dial styles, though it supported custom dial adjustments.

Specific specifications are not yet known, we can review the Xiaomi Watch Color: it uses a large 1.39-inch AMOLED round HD screen Xiaomi Watch Color is equipped with six high-precision sensors that can more accurately identify complex sports postures, changes in the body’s heart rate, as well as block the user’s sports trajectory, support outdoor running, outdoor cycling, off-road, mountain climbing, indoor running, indoor cycling It, supports ten mainstream sports modes: outdoor running, outdoor cycling, off-road, hiking, indoor running, indoor cycling, walking, free training, pool swimming, and open water swimming.

Xiaomi Watch Color is also capable of body energy monitoring, comprehensive monitoring and analysis of body data throughout the day, real-time calculation of body energy values, and support for 24-hour heart rate detection, sleep detection, stress detection, and training breathing, to gain a deeper understanding of your physical condition.

After 20 months, Xiaomi finally brought a new generation of this product, and the value and hardware configuration will certainly skyrocket, the price is still expected to hover around 799, in the purchase of the new Civi machine along with the purchase of a new Xiaomi watch Color 2 is also a good choice.


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