Xiaomi CIVI Official Trailer, Promotional Materials, Real-life Photos, And Unboxing Video Exposed

Xiaomi CIVI Official Trailer

Xiaomi CIVI Official Trailer, Promotional Materials, Real-life Photos, And Unboxing Video

Xiaomi recently announced its new series of models Xiaomi Civi, to be released on September 27, positioned as a new trendy series of Xiaomi cell phones, with a stylish and diverse design and innovative imaging technology. In the meantime, the Xiaomi CIVI official trailer, promotional materials, real-life photos, and unboxing video also appeared.

Xiaomi CIVI Official Trailer

This afternoon, Xiaomi Mobile announced the final photos of the machine, showing the back design, the camera layout and previous Xiaomi phones are not the same, but a rectangular camera layout, which seems to have a stepped design, which has the advantage of reducing the degree of lens protrusion.

The back cover can be seen shimmering frosted material, as well as three cameras, the flash has also made a new change to the horizontal bar. From the side photos, the thickness of the machine is quite slim and is expected to focus on a thin and light body.

Xiaomi CIVI Unboxing Video

Product manager Wei Siqi said, Xiaomi Civi is designed for young people to create trendy cell phones, Civi can be said to be CC’s two-year metamorphosis of the work, off-the-bone comprehensive evolution. Xiaomi Civi first new machine has a more detailed polishing process and experience, with technology to empower the trendy image, a new definition, I hope to show you a not quite the same Xiaomi.

Furthermore, some bloggers also received the machine in advance and shared Xiaomi CIVI real-life photos stating that the main focus of the machine is thin and light, the rear shell using a shiny sand AG process, a higher degree of subtlety, skin-friendly feeling stronger, seemingly frosted rear shell touch but very smooth, and only 166g body in the hand is almost no sense of weight, very “dynamic”.

The transition between the back shell and the screen is also very well done, from the top R corner position can be seen it is like the caliber of the vase, two lines converge, shaping a very concrete three-dimensional sense. With a 6.55-inch screen and a thickness of 6.98mm, it also has extremely narrow bezels and a 2.55mm bottom edge of the screen, creating the phone with the narrowest chin in Xiaomi’s history.

The first thing that attracts you to the Xiaomi Civi is its aesthetic appearance, and the second thing that you can’t put down is the quality of the design in your hands, and under the impact of this excellent design that your eyes and body can perceive, you will love the Civi phone.

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