Xiaomi CIVI Series’ Phones Releasing on 27 September, Replace CC Series

Xiaomi CIVI Series Release Date

Xiaomi CIVI Series’ Phones

There have been quite a few new releases this month, but it seems that Xiaomi is the only one missing, but in a recent Xiaomi cell phone product manager Wei Siqi revealed in her vlog that Xiaomi will hold a new product launch at the end of September, and she will stand on the launch stage for the 4th time to bring new products.

The machine are rumored on the network for a long time, and there will be two versions, respectively CC11 and CC11 Pro, the most important point of difference is of course in the rear lens, which is also the main selling point of the series, the year was the world’s first 100 million pixels main camera photo combination, but also dominated the DXO photo ranking.

Because Wei Siqi is the identity of Xiaomi CC series product manager, so the launch at the end of September will undoubtedly be the rumored Xiaomi CC11 series of new products. Today, Xiaomi Mobile official Weibo announced a new series of Xiaomi cell phones, called “Xiaomi Civi”. Xiaomi CC series seem to be rebranded to Xiaomi CIVI and will release corresponding phones on 27th September at 2:00 PM in China.

According to the official introduction, Xiaomi Civi “with its fashionable and diversified design and innovative imaging technology, accompanies every young person who is happy and confident to explore the wonderfulness of their birthright.” It is clear that the Xiaomi Civi series focuses on design and camera, and targets young people.


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