Realme GT Neo2 Price and Specifications Officially Announced

Realme GT Neo2 Price and Specifications

Realme GT Neo2 Price and Specifications

In today’s afternoon Realme held a Realme GT Neo2 product launch. The new machine with diamond ice core cooling system, Snapdragon 870 + 5000mAh + 65W, 120Hz Samsung E4 screen. Realme vice president Xu Qi called it “the king of quality-price ratio in the 2500 yuan slot”.

Realme GT Neo2 Official Introduction Video

The Realme GT Neo2 is designed with functional aesthetics, and the main color “Black Mint” is the first to challenge the ultra-high saturation trend of fluorescent green: black and white functional ribbon, the ultimate black and fluorescent green collision. The first light and matte glass splicing technique, one side design, two sides feel.

The GT Neo2 is also available in Blue and Black colors and features a satin-frame AG technology with 68% ultra-high haze, smudge, and fingerprint resistance, and 52° four-face curvature for excellent grip.

As for the screen, the Realme GT Neo2 adopts 6.62-inch Samsung E4 luminous material straight screen, with 120Hz four-speed intelligent frame rate, 600Hz gaming-grade touch reporting rate, 1300nit peak brightness, support for 10,000-level dimming, DC dimming, dual light-sensing front and rear, and Corning fifth-generation glass protection.

In terms of performance, the Realme GT Neo2 uses Snapdragon 870 processor, dual-channel UFS3.1, DRE dynamic memory expansion technology to support up to 7GB of memory expansion, bringing the equivalent of 19GB of ultra-large memory experience.

It is worth mentioning that Realme GT Neo2 adopts a diamond ice core cooling system, which is called “the craziest stack of materials ever made by Realme”: the largest cooling area in its class, 17,932mm²; the industry’s first aerospace-grade diamond cooling gel; the industry’s largest area of 3D toughened VC; custom 3D stereoscopic graphene; 8-layer full-link heat dissipation structure.

Realme breakthrough diamond particles with a diameter of 40-50um are made into a heat dissipation gel, allowing rapid heat transfer from the chip to achieve rapid cooling, and improving heat dissipation performance by 50%~60% compared to conventional gels. The diamond ice core cooling system can lower the CPU core temperature by up to 18 degrees, making it the secret weapon of the “dragon taming master”.

Diamond ice core cooling system can bring the Snapdragon 870’s gaming performance to the extreme, with an average frame rate of 119.92 frames per second in 120 fps mode for mainstream MOBA games and a jitter rate of 0.01.

In terms of camera, Realme GT Neo2 is equipped with 64MP ultra-clear main camera + 8MP ultra-wide angle + 2MP macro, supporting exclusive street photography mode, DIS ultra-clear capture, various street photography filters, super night view, professional night view, and starry sky mode.

In addition, the GT Neo2 is equipped with GT Mode 2.0, with a new interface, new animations, and new vibrations. Realme GT Neo2 for the first time equipped with X-axis linear motor, ultra-linear dual speakers to support Dolby Atmos games, software invited several world gaming champions to participate in the depth of tuning optimization.

The realme also brings gamers a new gaming trio: the Realme Cooler Back Clip Neo, the Realme Gaming Shoulder Key, and the Realme Type-C Super Flash Gaming Cable, priced at RMB 129, RMB 99, and RMB 49 respectively, available for sale at 15:00 this afternoon.

Realme GT Neo2 Price (First sale with 100 Yuan discount)


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