Meizu Flyme 9.2 Brings Stepless Adjustment and More

Meizu Flyme 9.2

Meizu Flyme 9.2

In the afternoon of September 22, Meizu held a little something autumn new product launch, officially released the Meizu 18s, 18s Pro, 18X three flagship cell phones. At the same time, after months of optimization and upgrading, Flyme 9.2 was also officially launched at the conference: it brought a new UI style, more practical features, and stable operating experience, the new machine will be the first to carry.

In terms of appearance upgrade, Meizu Flyme 9.2 adopts a new system font, the font is more elegant, the symbols are more accurate, but also supports the coarse and thin stepless adjustment; redesigned bright screen dynamic effect, the net effect is more delicate and dynamic, animation from the brightest part of the picture slowly light up, and finally filled the whole screen; also can be a key triple, easy to create the Alive wallpaper.

In terms of functional upgrades, Flyme 9.2 brings small window mode 3.5, with automatic fading of the sticker handle and immersion color change to reduce visual interference and optimize the experience of using hovering small windows. With the support of “Rest Screen Play”, you can continue to listen to the sound even when the screen is rested; “Recently Used”, you can quickly find the application and make the operation easier; “Function Direct”, with a single swipe, you can be one step ahead.

Flyme 9.2 brings the function of cleaning up. “Delete after ringing”, the alarm is automatically deleted after ringing, and the temporary alarm is automatically cleaned up. “Auto-delete expired messages”, intelligently distinguishes verification code and pickup code, and automatically deletes expired messages. Save Clean also provides automatic deletion of screenshots, installation packages, and residual files.

Flyme 9.2 brings “elders affectionate design”, supports global effective large fonts, increases the click area, and follows the high contrast color mode designed by accessibility guidelines WCAG 2.1.

Flyme 9.2 upgrade also brings a feature that is perceived as strong in daily use – memory expansion. Compared with the mainstream program, Flyme memory expansion can give multiple expansion options according to ROM size, and 256G ROM can achieve up to 7G of memory expansion.

For the new processor of the Meizu 18X and Meizu 18s series, Flyme 9.2 upgraded OneMind smart engine based on the hardware configuration. On Meizu 18X, OneMind 5.0 continues the deep software optimization and transposes the year-long tuning to the performance platform of Meizu 18X with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 as the core.

For Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ on Meizu 18s series, OneMind 888+ prepares a full range of precise tuning to balance performance and power consumption and adds gaming-specific tuning strategies and deep focus without interference in Gaming Mode 5.0 to escort the gaming experience.


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