Official Apple iPhone 13 Series Hands-on Video Unveiled Telling Features and How To Choose

Official Apple iPhone 13 Series Hands-on Video

Official Apple iPhone 13 Series Hands-on Video

Yesterday, the first batch of the iPhone 13 series officially opened for pre-sale on all major platforms and Apple’s official website. I thought that the upgrade of the modest iPhone fever would come down some, who knew that the fever of users grabbing the new machine was once crowded Apple’s official website, and the first batch of third-party e-commerce platform stock has also been sold out in a hurry, and many friends in the circle of friends have taken screenshots of their orders.

At present, according to Apple’s official website, the iPhone 13 shipping date for each version is scheduled for more than 4 weeks, even the top version of 1TB is scheduled to be shipped in November at the latest, it seems that the rumors of thirteen incense are true to its name.

Due to the confidentiality agreement restrictions, the iPhone 13 media unboxing, reviews, etc. has not yet been released, but Apple has officially released a long video, generously entire iPhone 13 Series hands-on video of phones, and introduced its features and new functions.

Official Apple iPhone 13 Series Hands-on Video

Apple iPhone 13 Series guided video timeline goes through the following points:

Apple iPhone 13 series official hands-on video is to help everyone better understand the product before buying the iPhone 13 series. The whole video makes full use of the advantages in California, and it also combines Hollywood movie shooting scenes to illustrate the movie mode, a very interesting promotional film. In addition, a variety of new color schemes are also shown in the video, including all colors of the iPhone 13 Series models.

Putting aside the content, the video alone contains a lot of real-life scenes, scripted design, and rich transitions that are pleasing to the eye. Of course, Apple mainly introduces the iPhone 13 series’ movie mode, water and dust resistance features, longer battery life, high swipe screen and macro mode of the Pro series, etc.

The biggest difference between the iPhone 13 series in terms of appearance and its predecessor is the reduction of the area of the bangs, in addition to the Mini and Standard version of the two changes to the rear lens arrangement position, another appearance is the same as the iPhone 12 series, which is waiting for a year is not dare to think, but Apple is to have such a rallying point.

iPhone 14 Mini May Disappear

Although sales proved that the iPhone 12 mini-series did not sell well, Apple still brought its upgraded version of the iPhone 13 mini. However, according to the product planning timeline, Apple may not have waited for the iPhone 12 mini sales stability has been arranged for the iPhone 13 mini, so even if the previous generation of poor sales, still to be launched, but with the two generations of small screen flagship folding situation, iPhone 14 will not have mini version is very doubtful.

iPhone 14 Series Core Specifications

A recent update reveals that next year’s iPhone 14 series only three models, only retaining 6.7 inches and 6.1 inches of the three large-screen versions, the entry model into the iPhone 14, mini models will be completely out of the market, and the result is rather good because the news also said that the iPhone 14 standard version as an entry model, the starting price will be further down, to harvest more users.

But Apple’s strategy has never been difficult for you to choose, because next year’s iPhone 14 standard version as an entry-level machine, although the price is down, the configuration will still be absent this year Pro and Pro Max to have a high refresh rate screen, how to choose, has always been a problem left by Apple to the user.


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