Realme GT Neo2 Display Specifications Announced: Offers Top Straight Screen Experience

Realme GT Neo2 Display Specifications

Realme GT Neo2 Display Specifications

Realme will release its new GT Neo2 on September 22nd, and as the launch approaches, officials are starting to warm up to the highlights of the machine. Following the announcement of the cooling system, today Xu Qi Chase unveiled Realme GT Neo2 display specifications that feature a more extreme top straight screen experience, three things have been done:

Specifically, the Realme GT Neo2 display supports 120Hz high refresh (30/60/90/120Hz four-block variable refresh rate), touch report rate increased by 67% compared to the previous generation. Core configuration, the new machine is equipped with Snapdragon 870 processor, battery capacity of 5000mAh, support 65W wired fast charging, claiming 36 minutes to charge 100%.

In addition, the machine is built with a diamond ice core cooling system, with a total cooling area of up to 17,932mm² at the same time, the industry’s first diamond gel cooling technology. Official evolution, diamond is the hardest material in nature, but also the highest thermal conductivity in nature, up to 2000w/mk or more, in the high power optoelectronic device heat dissipation performance, mostly used in the new spacecraft core thermal management components.

According to the official statement, the thermal performance of the diamond ice core cooling system is improved by 50%~60% compared to conventional gel, and the maximum CPU core temperature can be reduced by 18 degrees.


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