Apple A15 has Three Version: AnTuTu Benchmark Reveal Performance Differences

Apple A15 has Three Version | Apple A15 AnTuTu Benchmark

Apple A15 has Three Version | Apple A15 AnTuTu Benchmark

As usual, the official specification’s datasheet published by Apple is not complete, Apple still hides many secrets behind it. Among them, the Apple A15 processor has more secrets that Apple didn’t talk about.

After the release of the iPhone 13 series and iPad Mini 6, Antutu benchmark recently found a large number of Apple A15 processor score results in the background database. The data shows that the Apple A15 has three versions, which seems to be the first time in the history of the A-series processor.

Among them, the iPhone 13 Pro is equipped with a full-powered version, the CPU part of the six-core design, including two 2 performance cores and four energy-efficient small cores, the highest frequency of 3.23GHz, the GPU part of the 5-core design, more than the previous generation of A14 a core.

The iPhone 13 series is equipped with the A15, although the CPU part is consistent with the iPhone 13 Pro, the GPU part is shielded from a core, this information is also confirmed on Apple’s official website.

Interestingly, the iPad Mini 6 is equipped with an A15 processor, and the CPU and GPU specifications are consistent with the iPhone 13 Pro, but the CPU frequency has been reduced from 3.23GHz to 2.93GHz. The scores show that the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max have 4GB, 6GB, and 6GB respectively, while iPad Mini 6 has 4GB of RAM.

So, is there a difference in performance between the three A15 processors? At least from the current background data, there is no significant difference between the GPU performance of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. However, CPU downscaling does affect performance, and there is a more noticeable gap between the CPU scores of iPad Minimini 6 and iPhone 13/iPhone 13 Pro.

Apple A15 AnTuTu Benchmark

Apple A15 AnTuTu Benchmark datasheet shows that iPhone 13 Pro scores 219751 and 330756 points for CPU and GPU respectively; the iPhone 13 with four-core GPU scores 213070 and 328958 points for CPU and GPU respectively; and the iPad Mini 6 with 2.93GHz CPU for and five core GPU achieved a score of 201583 and 337330 points.

It should be noted that the results of this exposure are based on the current statistics of AnTuTu background to calculate the final performance gap or to the average score published by AnTuTu next month shall prevail.


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