Realme GT Neo2 Cooling System is Another Big Selling Point

Realme GT Neo2 Cooling System

Realme GT Neo2 Cooling System

Realme GT Neo2’s new mid-range flagship will be officially released on September 22, the machine will be equipped with this year’s most popular Snapdragon 870 chip, and is equipped with a large battery and high specification fast charging, causing a lot of concern.

The gaming performance of the Realme GT Neo2 is also very good, but also tested the “King of glory” 120Hz ultra-high frame rate mode, and the performance is very stable, which means that the machine will bring superb experience in terms of performance.

We all know that nowadays, in fact, the extreme performance of flagship chips is very powerful, just limited by power consumption and temperature control aspects can not play out the original strength, this afternoon the official announcement of the Realme GT Neo2 cooling system. According to the official disclosure, Realme GT Neo2’s huge stack of materials, using the industry’s first diamond ice core cooling system, the total cooling area of up to 17932mm², breakthrough cell phone performance bottleneck.

As the core heat source of cell phones, heat dissipation is especially important. For the chip heat dissipation problem, Realme debuts diamond heat dissipation gel this time. Diamond is the material with the highest thermal conductivity in nature, which can reach over 2000w/MK. It has obvious advantages in the heat dissipation problem of high power optoelectronic devices and is generally used in the core thermal management components of new spacecraft.

Realme breakthrough diamond particles with a diameter of 40-50um are made into a heat dissipation gel, allowing rapid heat transfer from the chip to achieve rapid cooling, and improving heat dissipation performance by 50%~60% compared to conventional gels. The diamond ice core cooling system can reduce the CPU core temperature by up to 18 degrees.

In addition, Realme GT Neo2 is also equipped with the industry’s largest area of 3D tempered VC, custom 3D stereoscopic graphene, and 8-layer full-link cooling structure to achieve an all-around cooling system.

In short, diamond condensation heat dissipation performance compared to conventional gel to improve 50%; 3D stereo graphene, custom concave and convex surface to cover the heat source; stainless steel VC heat sink surface of 4129mm², compared to the previous generation area increased by 26%; screen bin graphite sheet, hard screen exclusive screen IC graphite copper foil in line with the material, all of which will ensure the extreme performance output of the machine, and the final performance are very much worth waiting for.

Realme GT Neo2 Cooling System


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