OPPO Watch 2 ECG Version Debuts Millisecond Precision ECG Detection

OPPO Watch 2 ECG Version Debuts Millisecond Precision ECG Detection

OPPO Watch 2 ECG Version

Not long ago OPPO released its new smart wear OPPO Watch 2, this evening’s autumn new product launch, besides the ColorOS 12, brought OPPO Watch 2 ECG version, support millisecond precision ECG detection.

For the interpretation of heart rhythm and conduction system abnormalities and the detection of myocardial ischemia, ECG is the most important test. It is also valuable for assessing other cardiac abnormalities, including heart valve disease, cardiomyopathy, pericarditis, and hypertension-related diseases.

The official description says that OPPO Watch 2 ECG Edition supports all-day monitoring for the presence of abnormal heart rhythms and reminds of timely ECG tests to manage heart health at all times.

At the same time built-in independent eSIM, including nearly 60 life panoramic APP, and equipped with UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology, where the UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology uses two systems two sets of core hybrid to achieve long life, claimed that the longest available 16 days.

The UDDE Dual Engine Hybrid technology is a series of basic contents such as Bluetooth protocol, transmission protocol, etc., so that the underlying data between the two systems and a series of contents can be transferred seamlessly.

OPPO Watch 2 ECG version is also equipped with professional sleep guarding function. OPPO Watch 2 ECG Version also supports second-level continuous blood oxygen monitoring, which automatically turns on during sleep and can guard 20,000 times a night; it also provides exclusive snoring risk assessment to help detect respiratory health problems in time; OPPO Watch 2 ECG version can also monitor users’ deep sleep, light sleep and awake time every night, and actively push last night’s sleep report when users wake up every day. It can also monitor naps of more than 30 minutes.

The watch can seamlessly switch between Android and RTOS systems, providing a long battery life of 4 days. With Light Smart Mode on, the watch transforms into a sports watch, retaining sports, health, dials, and other functions and achieving a maximum battery life of 16 days. In addition, independent eSIM function, more than 50 popular App adaptations, as well as a gaming mode, classroom mode, real-time cross-screen, and the newly added Tmall Genie App, supporting nearly 1000 brands of smart home linkage.

Configuration, OPPO Watch 2 ECG version with a 1.91-inch screen, battery capacity of 510mAh, support Watch VOOC flash charging, built-in health wizard, priced at 2,499 yuan, has been in the official mall and other platforms to open reservations.


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