OPPO ColorOS 12 Update Roadmap, Brand New Features, and Design Update

OPPO ColorOS 12 Update Roadmap, Brand New Features, and Design Update

OPPO ColorOS 12 Update Roadmap New Features

Today OPPO held a launch conference, and officially launched a new ColorOS 12 version of the deeply customized Android 12 system, in the design, fluency, ease of use, and security privacy have been greatly improved, will be debuted by the OPPO Find X3 series and OnePlus 9 series.

OPPO ColorOS 12 Promotional Video

According to the official statement, ColorOS 12 advocates authenticity and noise reduction in its design. The new acrylic icons with just the right amount of light and shadow details and light anthropomorphic style, the layers are richer and more fitting to the real texture; at the same time, the information density has been redefined through white space processing, text contrast enhancement, and color light and dark distinction, making the access to information faster and the long-term usage more comfortable.

OPPO ColorOS 12 Design Update

In addition, ColorOS 12 brings newly designed Quick View cards, which can display key information about applications such as delivery progress, app usage time, IoT device status, etc. in the card window in real-time. 44 types of cards are currently available.

The new system also brings the digital world virtual image Omoji, based on quantum animation engine, precise control of muscle movement, richer and more natural expressions; multiple styles, multiple customization details, allowing users to define their own.

In the era of large-screen phones, how easy the system is to operate is also something manufacturers consider, and this time ColorOS 12 brings multi-tasking slide up to hang the window, click to switch the small window, double-click to switch the full screen, side-slide to tuck away at the edge of the screen, drag the corners to adjust the size, one-handed can also operate smoothly, giving you a one-stop small window experience.

And ColorOS 12 comes with Quantum Animation Engine 3.0, which puts the physical world into the phone and gives different window component elements with different quality and inertia, making each swipe more realistic and smooth and more in line with your intuition.

ColorOS 12 also provides a new sidebar, which can intelligently match the corresponding functions according to different usage scenarios, helping you compare prices when shopping, helping you know songs when listening to songs, and helping you open real-time subtitle translation when watching foreign language videos.

In addition, ColorOS 12 brings a shared gallery to address the 9-image limitation of WeChat image sharing, so you can quickly share your selected images with your family and friends through the WeChat app.

The new ColorOS 12 adds a new cross-screen interconnection function. After the phone and computer establish a connection, the computer can control the phone, and in addition to the extremely fast interconnection speed of up to 45M/s, you can also edit the documents received by phone directly on the computer. In addition, the cross-screen connection is compatible with 80% of the mainstream Windows PC models released in the past three years.

ColorOS 12 system has been more deeply optimized for fluency, bringing a new AI self-smooth engine. Officially, ColorOS 12 OS makes the phone’s memory consumption reduced by 30%, background power consumption reduced by 20%, battery life improved by 12% on average, read and write performance decayed by less than 5%, and 36-month comprehensive aging rate of 2.75%, making every moment smooth and unbeatable.

OPPO ColorOS 12 Update Roadmap

For users, the biggest concern is when they can experience this new system. Now the official announcement of the old model adaptation plan, the fastest will be pushed to the old model in early October. Specifically, in ColorOS 12 update roadmap the early October tasting models include OPPO Find X3 Pro, OPPO Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration Edition, OPPO Find X3, OnePlus 9 Pro, and OnePlus 9.


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