iPhone 13 Pro AnTuTu Benchmark Score Compared With iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro AnTuTu Benchmark

iPhone 13 Pro AnTuTu Benchmark

In today’s morning, iPhone 13 Pro performance was tested on the Geekbench website showing impressive performance gain. Follow the same, iPhone 13 Pro AnTuTu Benchmark score is also revealed now.

Tg AnTuTu Benchmark website found the new Apple model iPhone 14,2 (same in Geekbench) in the background with a screen resolution of 2532 × 1170, presumably the iPhone 13 Pro, which is equipped with 6GB of RAM and 1TB of onboard storage.

iPhone 13 Pro AnTuTu Benchmark

As for the score, iPhone 13 Pro AnTuTu Benchmark currently has a total score of 839675, including a CPU score of 214698, GPU score of 324552, MEM score of 167472, and UX score of 132953. As a comparison, the average score of iPhone 12 Pro is 705725, including the CPU score of 183,625, GPU score of 273,139, MEM score of 115,985, and UX score of 131,419.

iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Performance Comparison

In comparison, the iPhone 13 Pro’s performance is improved across the board, especially in the CPU and GPU, and the MEM score is improved to a greater extent by the benefits of the 1TB storage chip. The difference between the UX score and the iPhone 12 Pro is not significant.


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