The appearance of the Meizu 18s Unveiled Through Official Poster

The appearance of the Meizu 18s

The appearance of the Meizu 18s

Meizu Technology officially announced yesterday that it will hold a product launch conference on the 22nd, there will be Meizu 18s, 18s Pro, and 18X three cell phones. Today, Meizu officially announced the appearance of the Meizu 18s through the official poster.

Meizu Technology said, the opponent is strong, we are also very good. Light and wonderful unchanged, full upgrade. The new generation of Meizu 18s small screen full-blooded flagship is still 162g, light as can be.

As you can see from the text with the picture, Meizu 18s keeps the same appearance design as the previous generation, the same micro-curved screen, the bodyweight is also 162g, so the judgment should be no change, the important part of the upgrade or the internal hardware.

Meizu 18’s screen is 6.2 inches, but the hardware is equipped with the Snapdragon 888, this time under the same screen size, the processor upgraded to the latest Snapdragon 888+, so Meizu also called this phone a new generation of small screen full-blooded flagship.


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