Huawei AR-HUD Debuts; Can Display 70-inch Large Format for Intelligent Safe Driving

Huawei AR-HUD Introduction

Huawei AR-HUD Introduction

At the IAA MOBILITY (International motor show Germany) in Munich, Huawei presented its latest Augmented Reality Head-Up Display (AR-HUD) augmented reality head-up display solution.

Huawei AR-HUD will transform the front windshield into a first-person view (FPV) display that integrates advanced technologies to deliver both safety and infotainment functions, creating an all-new driving experience.


Huawei’s AR-HUD features small size, large format, and ultra-high-definition, with a volume of only 10L, making it easier to adapt to a variety of vehicles. It can provide rich application scenarios such as instrument information display, AR navigation, safety-assisted driving, night vision/rain, and fog enhancement tips and video entertainment, transforming the front windshield into an intelligent information FPV screen that integrates technology, safety, and entertainment.

HUD was first used in fighter jets to improve flight safety and later applied to the automotive field. This time, Huawei innovatively launched AR-HUD, which provides a large viewing angle of 13°x5°, i.e. presenting a 70-inch large-format display area in front of the 7.5-meter position. And it can achieve a full HD visual display of up to 100PPD while solving the problems of low brightness, low contrast, and image distortion of traditional HUD.

Without affecting the driver’s vision, Huawei AR-HUD displays instrumentation information in the lower edge area to assist safe driving and also provides on-demand AR safety navigation information that fits the road and covers multiple lanes, such as easy and comfortable precise navigation at three-way intersections. The night vision/rain and fog enhancement alert function can accurately display vehicles and pedestrians in front and around, which can effectively enhance driving safety when visibility is poor in extreme environments.

Huawei AR-HUD also has audio and video entertainment functions. In the main driver parking or passenger scenario, you can enjoy the immersive experience of high-definition video, as well as video calling and game playing.

Through the combination with the real map POI, AR-HUD can also display the parking lot, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, gas stations, and other three-dimensional information in real-time during the driving process, opening a high-tech cool life experience.

In response to the industry’s widespread problem of HUD ghosting and glare, Huawei adopts a unique light path design and algorithm technology, which not only improves clarity but also eliminates the human body’s sense of glare caused by ghosting, significantly improving comfort.

Huawei AR-HUD uses an innovative optical display engine and spatial optics technologies to break the limitations of traditional media, creating a brand-new experience for safe driving. Next, AR-HUD will evolve to a larger frame, higher definition, and naked-eye 3D to build supervision that has never been achieved before. Huawei will continue to invest in the R&D of optical technologies to offer a wide range of optical application products for in-vehicle and other fields, empowering numerous industries with our optical capabilities.

Kevin Huang, President of Huawei General Optical Applications Product Line.


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