Xiaomi Black Technology New Concept Products Scheduled For Tomorrow

Xiaomi Black Technology New Concept Products

Xiaomi Black Technology New Concept Products

We Xiaomi is one of the leading brands which is also known for its innovation. Besides the commercial products, Xiaomi has already shown many technology innovations like Mix Alpha, 200W Wired Charging, Space Charging, etc. Besides these, today officials again teased currently unknown Xiaomi Black Technology’s new concept products, scheduled to debut tomorrow.

The poster is more abstract, with a sense of eyesight, some users say it is similar to the black hole of the universe wind. For the new product, Xiaomi said: “a glance to see the future”. On the comment page, users’ speculation is more diverse, including watches, camera technology, space charging, etc. There is also speculation that it will be a VR product that fits the current hot concept of the meta-universe. The answer in the end, or to wait for the official reveal, we will also keep an eye on, interested may wish to wait and see.


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