Officially, ColorOS 12 Scheduled; Brings HydrogenOS Elements, Personal Omogi, and New Products

Officially, ColorOS 12 Scheduled; Brings HydrogenOS Elements, Personal Omogi, and New Products

ColorOS 12 Scheduled

ColorOS has undergone a major facelift in recent years, both in terms of animation and icons, and now can be called one of the best UI in the country. Recently OPPO’s official announcement began to preview the next big version update ColorOS 12 scheduled for September 16, internal code name Da Vinci, this time the main focus seems to be the interconnection function.

The current OPPO has cell phones, wearable devices, headphones, and other digital products, the follow-up is expected to have a tablet release, so the linkage of these devices should be the main goal of ColorOS 12.

The official poster also revealing that ColorOS 12 will add the HydrogenOS (Global: OxygenOS) element of the OnePlus phone, and the OnePlus community administrator also said “Master Hydrogen back”, which is solid news. The ColorOS 11.3 already added the AOD silhouette display feature, which was previously carried in OnePlus’ HydrogenOS 11, which automatically draws silhouettes of people in photos and displays them as a rest screen.

In addition, the official release of the new ColorOS 12 icon motion, said “inheritance and continuity, familiar and fresh”. The new icons for the Weather, Notes, and File Manager apps are shown earlier, some of which are designed with a furry glass.

Furthermore, ColorOS 12 is very functional this time, such as free-floating windows, quick view cards, tighter privacy protection, etc. It also made a new acrylic icon, as well as an Omoji 3D personal image.

ColorOS 12 also supports “cross-screen connectivity”, including proximity, cross-device file transfer, clipboard sharing, photo and screenshot synchronization, and message synchronization. There are also improvements to icons and animations, and some features such as small windows in-game scenes, edge touch, and desktop plug-ins will be optimized.

Although the official models supported have not yet been announced, it is believed that the last two years OPPO cell phones can try, the first batch naturally includes the flagship Find X3 series, and the domestic return of the ColorOS OnePlus 9 series, is also said to be in the first upgrade list.

Besides the ColorOS, OPPO today also announced that it will hold a new fall conference with the theme “One More Step” at 18:00 GMT on September 16, 2021, and ColorOS 12 will be officially unveiled at this new conference, along with a variety of new flagship products. At this conference, OPPO may launch a new member of the Find X3 series: Oppo Find X3 Pro Photographer’s Edition.

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