Huawei MateBook 13s/14s, MateStation X, and Huawei PixLab X1 Debuts

Huawei MateBook 13s/14s, Huawei MateStation X, and Huawei PixLab X1

Huawei MateBook 13s/14s, Huawei MateStation X, and Huawei PixLab X1

Today, Huawei held a smart office new product launch conference, officially releasing more than 10 Huawei new generation smart office products including MateBook 13s, MateBook 14s notebooks, and the new Huawei MateStation X all-in-one machine, the world’s first laser printer equipped with HarmonyOS operating system Huawei PixLab X1, etc. Huawei is fully promoting the smart life of the PC.

Huawei MateBook 13s/14s, Huawei MateStation X, and Huawei PixLab X1 Official Experience Video

After five years in the PC market, Huawei MateBook series notebooks have won the market and consumer recognition for their excellent full-screen design, excellent productivity, and unique multi-screen collaboration, and have become the leader in PC wisdom.

Today, Huawei’s MateBook series has reached the TOP level of experience in both hardware and software, and the layout of Huawei’s PC product line has been further improved, covering notebooks, desktops, monitors, business machines, and other categories, introducing smart capabilities into all dimensions of the office.

This time, Huawei released a smart office strategy at the new smart office launch event, making it clear that device collaboration and ecological integration are the core capabilities of the smart office, allowing the connection and operation of devices to achieve collaboration, allowing the ecological integration of systems and applications, and consistent experience to free users from complex operations and inefficient learning, thus maximizing the release of creativity and communication, realizing the true smart office and bringing users a free experience.

Huawei MateBook 13s and. MateBook 14s

The Internet of Everything is one of Huawei’s most important capabilities, hoping to open up various devices and provide users with a more immersive experience, and this Huawei Matebook 13s and MateBook 14s series has completely opened up the barriers between cell phones and PCs.

Huawei MateBook 13s and MateBook 14s Introduction Video

According to the introduction, Huawei Matebook 13s/14s series premiered “Huawei Mobile App Engine”. The design of the shape, sharp thin metal body, 13s weight 1.32 kg, 14s weight 1.43 kg. 90% high screen ratio, narrow bezel under the laser welding fixed pole camera, support face unlock. Basic parameters, screen resolution 2520×1680 (3:2), 90Hz refresh rate, manually switchable via Fn+R key combination, hardware grade low blue light, covers 100% sRGB color gamut.

Processor up to 11 generation Core Standard i7 processor, of which 14″ in high-performance mode can output 45 watts, upgraded shark fin cooling system, 25% increase in the air intake, 60Whr battery, 13 hours of battery life, 15 minutes of charging 3 hours in the office.

13s/14s with HUAWEI SOUND, high and low-frequency crossover four speakers, quiet space calls allow identification and filtering of human voice interference, efficient telecommuting, etc. In addition, the 13s/14s also achieves a high key range of 1.5mm, which feels great in the hand. It is worth mentioning that the 13s/14s comes with pre-installed support for Huawei’s mobile application engine, allowing you to brush Jitterbug, play handheld games, etc. on your laptop.

Additionally, Huawei Matebook 13s/14s series also comes with a touch screen as standard, which supports both stylus and finger touch. Users can open mobile apps by clicking icons directly on the desktop and control them with a direct hand touch, realizing the scenario of playing cell phones on computers.

In terms of price, the MateBook 13s i5/16GB/512GB is priced at RMB 6,999, i7/16GB/512GB is priced at RMB 7,999; the MateBook 14s i5/16GB/512GB is priced at RMB 6,999, i7/16GB/512GB is priced at RMB 7,999, i7/16GB/1TB is priced at RMB 8,999, available in spruce green, the deep sky gray, and white moon silver, with reservations opening at 21:08 on September 13 and simultaneous sales at 0:00 on September 25.

Huawei MateStation X

In addition to the MateBook 13s and MateBook 14s notebooks, Huawei is also launched the Huawei MateStation X, Huawei’s first all-in-one product and an integral part of Huawei’s Smart Office, which brings Huawei’s unique multi-screen collaboration, intelligent voice, and software ecology to the all-in-one machine.

Huawei MateStation X Introduction Video

The intelligent connectivity experience of the Huawei MateStation X all-in-one machine breaks the ecological barriers between various devices and can be interconnected with multiple devices such as cell phones, tablets, and headsets, and work tasks and phone communication can flow seamlessly on multiple devices.

As it supports a multi-screen collaboration function, it can collaborate cell phone screens to Huawei MateStation X. The latter’s keyboard, mouse, Tivare audio, and 4K+ large screen can be shared with the phone, and the connection process is so simple that it can be easily paired by just pressing the Shift key.

Once connected, pictures, documents, videos, and other materials on the phone can be seamlessly shared on the Huawei MateStation X. It even replaces the phone to take phone calls, freeing up your hands so you can communicate with your boss and colleagues on the phone while revising PPT or copywriting plans, multiplying your efficiency.

Huawei MateStation X can also work with tablets and other devices on multiple screens, with multiple modes of operation such as mirroring, extending, and sharing. For users such as designers, they can draw pictures on the tablet and display them on the large 4K+ screen of Huawei MateStation X for easy checking.

When video conferencing, users can also use two screens for multiple purposes, answering meetings on the tablet and doing notebooks and checking information on the large screen of Huawei MateStation X. One mind can also be used for two purposes.

Huawei MateStation X is a full-screen all-in-one PC, with a simple design, pure beauty back, slim metal body, agile pivot, and classic dual colors, which are instantly recognizable. Huawei MateStation X draws on the design concept of the famous artist Kandinsky, simple lines, pure advanced design, bringing a new height of all-in-one aesthetics.

Huawei MateStation X screen using the suspension lamination process, combined with four narrow bezel design, a glance, the screen seems to be suspended in the air, creating a swooping borderless vision. The entire machine is designed with a separate architecture, with the main system components integrated into the mainframe between the stand and the screen, achieving an all-in-one design with only one screen and one stand. To adjust this large screen with one finger, Huawei’s self-developed pivot technology is used to subtly offset more than 80% of the screen’s weight when adjusting the screen angle.

The body is designed with an integrated metal body, which is polished through 12 stamping, CNC precision engraving, and 50 precision processes, and is formed in one piece, along with a simple and pure back, with a high-end feel. The MateStation X is available in two classic colors, Deep Sky Gray and Moon Silver.

Under the narrow bezel design, Huawei MateStation X also has a high-definition camera on top of the screen, which can easily handle video chats, video conferencing, and other needs.

Huawei MateStation X Original Colo full screen features a 28.2-inch 4K+ resolution screen with a 3:2 productivity screen ratio for a wider field of view, fine picture quality, and a more exciting presentation. The screen also features a 98% P3 wide color gamut, 500 nits high brightness, HDR 400 certification, and professional-grade performance with average color accuracy of ∆E≤1 under P3 for richer picture levels and more detailed colors.

Huawei MateStation X uses a 5-layer AR coating process that reduces light reflection by 58%, defying the interference of bright light and making the screen clear and comfortable, allowing users to focus more on creating at the moment and making use a pleasure. The screen is certified by TÜV Rheinland as low blue light and strobe-free, filtering some harmful blue light and reducing strobe-induced discomfort.

The Huawei MateStation X screen also supports 10-point touch control, making large screen operation more fluid and comfortable. You can easily complete online learning and content browsing by simply tapping and sliding your fingers on the screen. And Huawei MateStation X adds an anti-fingerprint coating to the screen surface to reduce fingerprint marks and make sliding smoother.

Huawei MateStation X is equipped with the AMD Radeon 7 5800H standard processor and the new AMD Radeon Graphics graphics card, which provides outstanding graphics processing and can easily handle design drawings, video editing, and other creative needs.

With 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage as standard, the device is capable of multi-tasking. In terms of heat dissipation, Huawei MateStation X’s heat dissipation process ultimately controls the temperature of the screen area under daily use to below 36°C, which is lower than the body temperature, creating a comfortable experience for users.

In terms of communication, Huawei MateStation X supports Wi-Fi 6 network protocol and adopts a 2×2 MIMO dual-antenna design to bring users a fast and stable network experience. In terms of interfaces, there are two Type-A USB 3.2 Gen 1 (5Gbps) ports, which support 5V/2A external power supply, and two Type C USB 3.2 Gen 1 (5Gbps) ports, which support 5V/2A external power supply, DP video signal input/output, and a 3.5mm headset connector.

Huawei MateStation X comes standard with smart wireless keyboard and mouse accessories, which not only support automatic connection out of the box but also include convenient smart keys on the keyboard. Pressing the keyboard fingerprint power button can realize one-key fingerprint power on and unlock; one key evokes the smart voice function, which easily realizes conference speech to text recording and AI subtitles to translate foreign language classes.

The Huawei MateStation X features a 2.1-channel design with 1 woofer + 2 full-range units for sound quality. With the Tivare SAM technology and Huawei’s Histen algorithm, the bass is immersive and the sound is delicate.

Huawei MateStation X places 4 microphones on the base, supporting 5 meters long-distance sound pickup, and uses Huawei’s self-developed AI noise reduction algorithm to improve sound pickup from hardware to software, so that the microphone is not affected by background noise, but also enhances the sound of speech, so that the voice always stands out from the ambient noise, bringing a pure and clear call experience.

Huawei MateStation X is priced at RMB 9,999 for the R5 5600H 16GB+512GB version and RMB 11,999 for the R7 5800H 16GB+512GB version. 21:08 on September 13, Huawei MateStation X is available for pre-order and will be officially opened for sale at 0:00 on September 25.

Huawei PixLab X1 Laser Printer

At the launch event, Huawei launched a new category of the printer on the same stage – the world’s first laser printer equipped with the HarmonyOS operating system – Huawei PixLab X1 laser multifunction printer made a grand appearance.

Huawei PixLab X1 Introduction Video

The printer industry is already highly mature in the blue ocean market, and Huawei is entering at the right time. However, Huawei PixLab X1 also has a different experience from other printers, as it is the world’s first printer equipped with a HarmonyOS system, and its powerful distributed capability makes the multi-device connection process significantly simplified, and it can achieve 20 seconds to match the network, so everyone can get started in seconds.

Printers are not only one of the essential devices in modern offices but are also gradually coming into the home. In the past two years, because of the need for remote online classes, many families have purchased printers to print homework for their children. After many people get a printer, the installation and setup process is stuck, because the traditional Windows environment to configure the printer is a real hassle.

Connect the printer through the computer, to find the corresponding driver installation, and then connect the printer in Windows, earlier printers even have a special interface, this set of processes down to an hour, during which if where the error will be additional tossing again.

The latest printers have simplified the connection process, but for most office clerks and parents, the process is still cumbersome. In the Huawei PixLab X1 printer, Huawei has realized the fast connection method of “near discovery and network matching”, after cell phones, tablets and other devices open Bluetooth, the card for connecting to the printer will be automatically discovered and popped up within 30cm. It takes only 1 minute to start the first print, which will not delay work or children’s homework.

The network matching process on the PC is also simplified, and the printer can be found within 1 meter by opening Bluetooth, followed by a similar network matching process as before. If you are using a full set of Huawei products, you can also connect to the printer through the Smart Life APP in Huawei’s cell phones and tablets, which can also be connected extremely fast, and the process of network distribution can be done within 20 seconds, so everyone can get started without worrying about any driver, network settings, and other problems.

As long as you use the same Huawei account, the connected Huawei PixLab X1 printer is shared on cell phones, tablets, and PCs, and can be shared with others through the Smart Life App, and the other party can print documents after receiving the shared connection.

In addition to the powerful and convenient multi-device connectivity, Huawei PixLab X1 is also quite amazing as a printer. Huawei has fully considered the domestic usage environment, and the Huawei PixLab X1 printer uses black and white laser printing technology, which is reliable, economical, and durable according to the standard of Huawei consumer electronics.

Compared to the traditional printers that are not moving, the Huawei PixLab X1 printer has made great efforts to stabilize Wi-Fi. For the first time in the industry, Huawei has introduced a 3-layer interference protection network and combined it with Huawei’s low-power Wi-Fi technology, so that the Huawei PixLab X1 printer can be connected stably without dropping the network and can work immediately after receiving a print job after a long hibernation without rewiring the network.

In response to the problem of paper jams, Huawei’s PixLab X1 printer is designed with S-shaped paper paths and a rear duplexer, with a very low failure rate.

Of course, the Huawei PixLab X1 printer also has a masterpiece, that is, many people are worried about the problem of expensive consumables after using the printer, it not only achieves the separation of toner and powder but also the first drawer type powder cartridge, the replacement process is as simple as four steps.

In short, in a market where printers have long been mature, Huawei’s PixLab X1 printer is a glimpse of novelty. The HarmonyOS 2 system simplifies the connection process of printers and truly achieves a zero-threshold operation experience, which everyone can use and is seamlessly integrated with other Huawei intelligent office products.


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