Google Translate App Adopt Material You From Android 12

Google Translate adopt Material You

Google Translate App Adopt Material You

Google’s most anticipated operating system Android 12 will be officially launched later this year, using the new Material You design language. Following the several apps including Clock, Calculator, Google Translate will adopt Material You design language.

According to the Androidpolice report, Google has a clock, calculator and phone, and other native applications to confirm that the interface will be overhauled, using this design language to recreate.

Now, the interface of the new Google Translate App Material You design language has been revealed. The app uses a warm yellow base color and buttons with large curved rounded corners. The app also has a unique color scheme in dark mode, using bright yellow, black, and brown, in unison with Android 12. In terms of functions, the app supports scanning text recognition translation, bilingual dialogue translation, etc. The overall operation is the same as that of the old app.

The version number of this app is 6.23, and some functions are not perfect at the moment. The app has not been officially released, for the time being, only the screenshots exposed online. The media said that even if the leaked apk file is installed, the app will not work. It is expected that the new Google Translate App will be officially launched shortly.

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