Vivo X70 uses Custom MediaTek Dimensity 1200-Vivo Resulting in 40% More Data Process

Vivo X70's MediaTek Dimensity 1200-Vivo SoC

Vivo X70’s MediaTek Dimensity 1200-Vivo SoC

Vivo yesterday officially released its X70 series models, priced from 3,699 yuan, has now opened reservations. Rather surprisingly, the three models of the X70 series are different in shape and camera, and the core configuration is also equipped with different processors, of which the X70 is the Dimensity 1200-Vivo, the X70 Pro is the Samsung Exynos 1080, and the X70 Pro+ (Review) is the Snapdragon 888 Plus.

Exynos 1080 and Snapdragon 888 Plus we are already familiar with, while Dimensity 1200-Vivo is the first equipped debut, but the CPU and GPU performance and the public version of Dimensity 1200 are not much different.

The Dimensity 1200-Vivo is a chip from the Dimensity 5G open architecture, which is deep cooperation between MediaTek and smartphone manufacturers to bring a new, more personalized experience, empowering device manufacturers to create a differentiated flagship, after the overseas release of the OnePlus Nord 2 is equipped with the Dimensity 1200-AI.

According to Vivo, this is an exclusive platform for the X70 series, which increases the speed of the AI data processor by more than 40% compared to the public version when shooting and reduces energy consumption by 10%. It can be seen that the main improvement of the Dimensity 1200-Vivo is in image processing.

MediaTek Dimensity 5G open architecture is very interesting, specifically, is it allow manufacturers to freely customize ISP, AI, wireless connectivity, including customizing the workload allocation of various processing units such as CPU and GPU within the chip, to fully dispatch more available resources.

In the case of cameras, for example, device manufacturers can directly access the image processor (ISP) and set up optimization effects based on their chosen parameters, camera sensors, and software. At present, only MediaTek has announced the open architecture of the program to the public, which seems to work well, and it may not be impossible for another major chip supplier to try.

MediaTek Dimensity 1200-Vivo build using advanced TSMC 6nm process technology, CPU frequency: 1×3.0GHz + 3×2.6GHz + 4×2.0GHz, GPU: Arm Mali-G77, support dual 5G standby, 5G elevator mode, and 5G high-speed rail mode to create a full-scene high-quality 5G connection experience for users, and AnTuTu Benchmark score of 720491 on Vivo X70.

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